DENMARK OPEN 2006 – China and Denmark to share titles

The quarter finals of the Denmark Open were held in a friendly atmosphere with quite a lot of people who had made the trip to the Athletion Stadium in the […]
ImageThe quarter finals of the were held in a friendly atmosphere with quite a lot of people who had made the trip to the Athletion Stadium in the outskirt of the pretty town of Aarhus. Our correspondent Yan Yan Emily Ding and Anne Kisrstine Skytt took a closer look at three of the most interesting matches…
He Hanbin/Shen Ye vs Fairuz/Lin Woon Fui : 21/19, 22/20, 21/19
This was an interesting quarterfinal match between two upcoming pairs from Asia. The young Chinese pair played with fighting spirit. Both pairs made errors, the gap between the points wasn’t big, but it was China who kept leading until 18 all. Then the situation changed and the Malaysians won 21-19. The Second game was again very close and both pairs stayed within reach of the other at all times. But this time Chinese had the luck with them in the end and won 22-20.

The third was still a very close game between the two, but the Malaysians were lucky this time! Final results: 21-19. Rexy – absent from Aarhus – has an eye on this pair who has been chosen to play in Doha Asian Games next.
Joachim Persson (DEN) vs. Chen Yu (CHN) : 21/15 – 21/13.
Both players made quite a lot of unforced mistakes. Joachim started off a bit too defensive but managed to keep up with the Chinese player’s lever and was actually leading 6-4 at a time. Joachims play worked very well for him, good smashes and good drops, though his play at the net was a bit unsecure. Chen Yu on the other hand was a bit more dynamic in his play and strong at the net. Most points were determined by small flosses and errors made by both. At 13-13 it seemed like Joachim Persson went into a dead periode which he did not succeed to get out of before Chen Yu finally could close the game 21-15.
ImageThey played very equally in the start, but the second game was dominated by Chen Yu’s more aggressive play and his super smashes. Chen Yu seemed to have changed in his tactics and succeeded in laying quite a lot of pressure onto Joachim Persson, playing long- short – long – short and drove him around the court. Because of this, Chen Yu started to lead 15-11. This gap got even bigger as it seemed that Joachim Persson got a bit tired in the end and Chen Yu won the last game 21-13.
Peter Gade (DEN) vs. Dicky Palyama (NED) : (21/14, 21/18)

The audience beloved darling Peter Gade once again recieved quite an applause when he beat Dicky Palyama (NED) in the quarterfinals. In the first game Peter Gade made clear that this was his match as he put a lot of pressure on Dicky, who did play well at the net and on the drops but made a lot of unforced errors in the beginning. At the score 13-9 to Peter Gade, the smashpoints was 5-2 favouring Peter. Finally Gade won the game 21-14.

In second game Dicky stepped in taking more lead and part of controlling the game. Thourgh Peter Gade read the play very well and was often quick on the shuttle and in position. Which forces Dicky out to the corners of the field. Peter continuing to lead with one or two point all the time, but Dicky played a lot better this game than the last. Peter’s winning points were mostly clears. At 12-13 favouring Dicky, the Dutch stepped forward on the court playing drives over the net. That and the fact that Peter trusted his own intuition on wether the shuttles were out or in (in which Peter wasn’t right) meant that the next points Dicky played very well, using the entire court, putting pressure onto Peter while just playing in his own speed. At the end of the game Peter seemed to get more into the game again and played drives just over the net which let to 19-17 favouring Peter. The game and match was won by Peter Gade who all over played a level above Dicky Palyama.

Interview with Peter Gade:
How did you feel about winning the match today?
It was as expected though second game was a bit hard to play. Dicky really made good long clears. He often makes mistakes but today he played very well.
Have you ever lost a game to Dicky ?
No, not what I remember of, but I might…
What are your thourghts regarding your match against Chen Yu tomorrow?
I normally win when we play. The game sets around who is controlling the game from scratch, and if I succeed in that I’ll have the openings in the duels. Today Chen Yu played as he always does.
Are you in same good shape as at the World Championships?
I’ve been really hungry since the WCH. Right at this point I’m in a really good shape and I think I keep progressing at all times. I hope that shows here at Denmark Open.
What do you think of the 21-point system ?
When the top players meet, the 2-3 points that seperate them are really important. I try to use the experience i have got through the one year I’ve played with the new system. Generally speaking it’s better than the 15-point system.
Is the system farvouring any special kinds of players?
No. When all come to all the best man wins no matter which system is being used.

ImageInterview with Dicky Palyama:
You made some mistakes in the first game. Were you nervous?
It’s always hard to play against Peter, he is really a good player and he is the only Dane I have never beaten before. I was a bit nervous, you have to be before a match or else the adrenaline will not kick in.
Second set you seemed much to relaxed and played your own game. Did you switch tactics?
My coach and I agreed upon switchin to another tactic in second game which led me to play in my speed not rushing, not letting Peter take contol. You can not let Peter get the game, cause he will stress you and punish you for every mistake you make.
How is it to play against the favourite Peter Gade on his homecourt, which also used to be yours (Dicky has played in Denmark 3 years ago)
I always love to play here in Denmark. The crowd is fantastic. But it’s always difficult to play against some one who is on homecourt.

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