NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Robertson and Emms defeated

Most national championships were held this week-end, in Europe and elsewhere in the world. If most results are according to logic, a few surprises occurred, especially in Manchester, at the English […]

ImageMost were held this week-end, in Europe and elsewhere in the world. If most results are according to logic, a few surprises occurred, especially in Manchester, at the English , where Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms were beaten 21/23 – 21/14 – 17/21 by their compatriots Anthony Clark and Donna Kellogg. It’s the first time that the World Champions have been defeated by an English pair since they started as a pair, missing the opportunity to win a fifth straight title.

By Raphael Sachetat. Photos by Sven Heise (Germany), Alan Spink (England) and Yohan Nonotte (France) for Badmintonphoto

"It’s the first time we’ve ever beaten them in a tournament. The shuttles were slower and that helped. Nathan and Gail are too good when the shuttles are really fast. But we worked hard at turning strong defence into attack. It’s a credit to English badminton that we have so many good pairs" said Anthony Clark (pictured here with Donna Kellogg), who went on for another victory with Robert Blair in the men’s double event, while Donna was the queen of the evening after a title in the women’s double as well, with Gail Emms. Nick Kidd and Elizabeth Cann were the winners in the singles event. “On paper I was the underdog because I wasn’t seeded and lost to Jill last year but I hadn’t lost to her for about 3yrs before that so I didn’t really feel like the underdog” said Cann (pictured below) after she finally won over top seed Jill Pittard in the final. “It was excitement after my first title and more relief for the 2nd” said the English shuttler.

In Germany, Xu Huaiwen was the logical winner even if she didn’t expect to win after she came back from Asia very tired : ‘I thought I couldn’t make it after my tour in Asia, because I know that Juliane (Schenk) is very tough, and I’m very satisfied I could keep my title” said the Chinese-born German. The other news of the week end was the announcement of the pregnancy of Petra Overzier. The surprise of the day was the victory of Tim Dettman and Annekatrik Lille (photo) in the mixed doubles against Hopp and Overzier, the favourites for the title.

In Canada, the man of the day was Mike Beres, who goes home with three titles, after incredible fights all through out the weekend and a last battle against Stefan Wojcikiewicz, which Beres won 21/19 in the rubber game. Denyse Julien, the Canadian veteran, once again showed that age had no impact on her and was inches away from adding another win to her already numerous titles when she lost 22/20 in the last game against Charmaine Reid.

ImageIn France, the winner of the day was not a player, but a club, as l’Union St Bruno (having only played in the French second division last year before entering the elite and buying Pi Hongyan) got two gold medals and a silver. If Pi (photo) was expected to win – she left no chance to any of her opponents – things were a bit more difficult for Simon Maunoury, the men’s title holder, who had to play overtime in his semi-final clash against Brice Leverdez. But the surprise of the day came with the second spot by Matthieu Lo Ying Ping, formed in St Bruno. Elodie Eymard and Svetoslav Stoyanov were the heroes of the day with two titles each.

In India, Chetan Anand won over the newcomer Anand Pawar while his girlfriend took the title in the ladies’ doubles. But the new star is no doubt Saina Newal, the teenager from Hyderbayad, who took definite control of the women’s singles event. Oddly enough, the Championships were held a few days before all others, right at the same time of the second leg of the Super Series in Korea, depriving all Indian athletes of the chance to compete in Seoul.

Denmark has its national championships a few days from now and Badzine will keep you posted with the results and outcome of the fierce battles among some of the top shuttlers in the world.

All results :


Men’s Singles: Björn Joppien (FC Langenfeld) – Roman Spitko (TuS Wiebelskirchen) 21:14 21:5; Women’s Singles: Xu Huaiwen (1. BC Bischmisheim) – Juliane Schenk (SG EBT Berlin) 18:21 21:9 21:10; Men’s Doubles: Michael Fuchs & Roman Spitko (1. BC Bischmisheim/TuS Wiebelskirchen) – Thorsten Hukriede & Mike Joppien (FC Langenfeld) 21:11 19:21 21:12; Women’s  Doubles: Nicole Grether & Juliane Schenk (SG EBT Berlin) – Birgit Overzier & Carina Mette (1. BC Beuel/Union Lüdinghausen) 21:15 21:12; Mixed Doubles: Tim Dettmann & Annekatrin Lillie (SG EBT Berlin/BW Wittorf) – Kristof Hopp & Birgit Overzier (1. BC Bischmisheim/1. BC Beuel) 21:11 19:21 21:19.


Men’s Singles: Koukal Petr jun. beat Jan Frohlich 21:16 20:22 21:15
Women’s Singles: Titěrová Eva beat Benešová Martina 21:16 17:21 21:19
Men’s Doubles: Kohoutek Stanislav/Florián Pavel beat Osička Martin/Skočdopole Jiří 21:17 21:12
Women’s  Doubles: Titěrová Eva/Milisová Hana beat Brejchová Martina/Lacinová Eva 21:12 21:16
Mixed Doubles: Herout Martin/Titěrová Eva beat Frohlich Jan/Milisová Hana 21:16 14:21 21:18


Men’s Singles: David Jaco vs Tan Yuhan: 17/21, 21/16, 21/14
Women’s Singles: Descamps Nathalie vs Tan Lianne: 21/10, 22/20
Men’s Doubles: Claes Wouter & Mawet Frederique vs Balligand Elie & Gaspard Frederique: 14/21, 21/11, 23/21
Women’s  Doubles: Descamps Nathalie & Devooght Sabine vs Elst Janne & Snoeck Jelske: 21/14, 21/14
Mixed Doubles: Nathalie Descamps & Claes Wouter vs Frédéric Mawet & Czerwinska Agnieszka 25/23, 21/11


Men’s Singles: Jürgen Koch beat Michael Lahnsteiner 21:14 21:11
Women’s Singles: Simon Prutsch beat Sabine Franz 21-19 19-21 22-20
Men’s Doubles: Manuel Berger/ Heimo Gotschl beat Michael Lahnsteiner/ Mikael Trojan 21:11 21:17
Women’s  Doubles: Tina Riedl/ Miriam Gruber beat Sabine Franz/Simon Prutsch 21:14 21:9
Mixed Doubles: Michael Lahnsteiner/Tine beat Heimo Gotschl/Claudia mayer 11-21 21-18 22-20

Mixed Doubles: Val Loker/Mike Beres beat Tammy Sun/William Milroy 21:19 21:17
Women’s Singles: Charmaine Reid beat Denyse Julien 21-15 14-21 22-20
Men’s Singles: Mike Beres beat Stephan Wojcikiewicz 19-21 21-17 21-19
Women’s  Doubles: Charmaine Reid/Fiona Mckee beat Florence Lavoie/Amelie Felx 21:18 21:14
Men’s Doubles: Mike Beres/William Milroy beat Alvin Lau/Toby Ng 21:11 21:11

Men’s Singles: Chetan Anand beat Anand Pawar 21:18 21:16
Women’s Singles: Saina Nehwal beat Aditit Mutatk 21:19 21:16
Men’s Doubles: Rupesh Kumar/Thomas Sanave beat V.Diju/J.B.S Vidyahda 21:9 21:19
Women’s  Doubles: Jwala Gutta/Shruti Kurian beat Aparna Balan/B.R Meenakshi 21:17 21:11
Mixed Doubles: V.Diju/Aparna Balan beat Vineth Manual/P.Jyotsna 21:8 21:5

Men’s Singles: G.Thomson beat S.Gililand 21:12 21:16
Women’s Singles: Rita Yuan Gao beat Susan Hughes 21:17 21:9
Men’s Doubles: Bowman/ Briggs beat Gilmour/ Robertson 21:14 21:18
Women’s  Doubles: Hughes/ Yuan Gao beat Bankier/ Mason 21/16 17/21 21/12
Mixed Doubles: Briggs/ Bankier beat Robertson/ Gao 21:15 21:19

Men’s Singles: Nick Kidd Beat Nathan Rice 21:15 21:15
Women’s Singles: Elizabeth Cann (photo right) beat Jill Pittard 21:19 21:17
Men’s Doubles: Anthony Clark/Robert Blair beat Chris Langridge/David Lindley 21:16 21:15
Women’s  Doubles: Gail Emms/Donna Kellog beat Nathalie Munt/Jo Nicholas 21:17 21:17
Mixed Doubles: Anthony Clark/Donna Kellog beat Nathan Roberston/Gail Emms 23:21 21:14 22:20

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