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Happy. Very happy. (10th December 2007, 00:46:49) (picture) photo.store.qq.com/http_imgload.cgi (picture) photo.store.qq.com/http_imgload.cgi We’ll be heading to Zhuhai tomorrow. It’s almost midnight now and I am supposed to be in bed at […]

ImageHappy. Very happy. (10th December 2007, 00:46:49)



We’ll be heading to Zhuhai tomorrow. It’s almost midnight now and I am supposed to be in bed at this hour.  I was packing my luggage earlier and thought that it will be better if I made an update before I go for our grouped training. It had been some time since I last updated and I’ve heard that we can’t use the internet in Zhuhai so I decided to sacrifice my sleeping time to make an update just before I leave Beijing – although I am very sleepy now – two days of photo shoot session for the advertisement was really tiring.

However, I was in a rather jubilant mood these two days. I guess I still hope to share my happiness no matter how sleepy I am at the moment. First thing is, Bao and I had to go for a photo shoot session for Mc Donald’s TV commercial and advertisement so we didn’t follow the team to Zhuhai on Thursday. That is exactly why we will only be leaving tomorrow.

This is my first time filming a commercial, which makes me extraordinarily excited about it. After two days of hard work, we’ve finally ended or photo shoot session, and also my first experience of commercial filming. I find this a very tiring yet fun job. Besides, I’ve made a quite a number of new friends. Other from that, I had a little problem with the costumes because my thighs were too big and the trousers couldn’t fit. So it turned out to look like I’m wearing a pair of briefs. Bao said I look like I’m wearing the close-fitting briefs worn by runners. Sob sob!! Perhaps they should find me a pair of men’s trousers (since ladies don’t use to have big thighs. Sigh!) But they said the ladies’ and men’s trousers are different and I wasn’t allowed to change so I wore my tight trousers for the photo shoot. Sigh, I hope you’ll spare me some face and not to throw up or laugh at me when you see the pictures.

Actually it was quick work with my pictures. Just a few shots and we are done. The workers even praised me capable of such work. Ha ha… (Pardon me. I’m starting to feel a little airy. Shh, keep a low profile.) The most troublesome shot was the one we all took together. It is harder if more people are in the picture. Especially the picture I took with Bao. He kept on laughing and made us having to start it over again. Sigh, what a kid he is. There’s another picture with four people in it. We had to repeat a single welcoming action for more than 20 times (I guess this is nothing if compared with the artists).

About the picture of us eating burgers – all we had to do was keep eating – that was not that bad since I hadn’t had my breakfast. Besides, I was the one who did not waste any burgers. I only ate 2 burgers for about 20 shots. Unlike the others who had to change a burger after two shots. Ha ha! Actually it was because I only bit the place unseen by the onlooker so I didn’t need to take a new burger. Regarding Bao having to change a new burger so often, I personally think he’s doing it on purpose (Don’t tell him I said this, alright). It was because I took his favourite burger before he even got his hands on it so he had to take the other one. After a few shots, he finally managed to get his favourite burger – He even finished the whole thing after the photo shoot when all of us have already thrown ours away. Even in the afternoon when we went for lunch, the workers asked if we would like to have rice or Mc Donald’s, we all said we wanted rice and Bao said he still want burgers. Oh goodness. I guess it was a perfect choice to have had him to advertise Mc Donald’s.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I met some new friends during the photo shoot session. There were Stella and Lily from Mc Donald’s, Sun Jing, the girl who did my make up yesterday, Xiao Jing, and some others whom I don’t know their names. Not forgetting some other athletes who joined us. Our cyclist Zhang Lei and our gymnast Pang Pan Pan. We took pictures together and had lunch and hang out after that. We even exchanged contacts in the end. I don’t have many friends from outside the circle so I’m really glad to have known them, including the granny I’ve just met last night, A Meng, Wang Dong, Tao Hua and Cai Ge. They are all very nice people. I think it is some sort of faith getting to know all of you and I really appreciate it. So if any of you happen to read this post of my, I would like to say, “It was nice knowing you. I hope to become best friends in the future.”

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