YONEX POLISH INT’L – Zwiebler Reaches Final, Red & White Doubles

Marc Zwiebler of Germany, the main candidate to win the Yonex Polish International after the defeat of of top seed Wacha, did not have an easy time of it on […]

ImageMarc Zwiebler of Germany, the main candidate to win the Yonex Polish International after the defeat of of top seed Wacha, did not have an easy time of it on Saturday but still made it to Sunday’s final. Two names are up for double-doubles gold as Robert Mateusiak features in both the all-Polish men’s final as well as the mixed doubles final against Shendy Puspa Irawati of Indonesia, who is herself looking for gold both there and in the women’s doubles.

By Monika Plata & Janusz Rudzinski, Special Contributors to Badzine
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Photos: Marcin Wisiorowski (Live)

Asked about the defeat of Wacha in the second round, Marc Zwiebler (photo) admitted that it makes him the competition easier. “On the other hand it is a pity that the Pole was eliminated from his own tournament,” added the 24-year-old German Champion. On Saturday, however, he had his hands full for nearly an hour against 5th seed Richard Vaughan of Wales.

Image “It was really hard but I managed to win,” said Zwiebler after that match. He was confident in the face of the next opponent since at the Norwegian International in November Marc had defeated Bobby Milroy in straight games. “But to make it clear, the Canadian is a dangerous opponent: not one to be disregarded,” added the German player prophetically before his three-game semi-final, which he finally won 21-7, 13-21, 21-10.

Zwiebler goes on to face Ville Lang of Finland, who booked his spot in a final for the second consecutive week with a convincing win over the other Canadian in the race, Andrew Dabeka.

In spite of some severe disappointments for Polish and Indonesian badminton fans, there will be a significant number of white-and-red flags of both orientations in the finals of the , especially in the doubles.

In the men’s doubles final, Polish number one pair, Michal Logosz & Robert Mateusiak (photo) will meet their younger teammates Adam Cwalina & Wojciech Szkudlarczyk. On Saturday, Adam and Wojciech had more problems with another young Polish pair, Lukasz Moren/Michal Rogalski than with Robert Adcock and Robin Middleton from England.

Image“Logosz and Mateusiak are still the best in Poland,” explained Polish coach Klaudia Mayorova. “But the two younger pairs represent the same level.”

“Young players Cwalina and Szkudlarczyk, had very good focus today,” added coach-consultant Kim Young Man, after their match versus the Englishmen.

The Poles will meet the Indonesians in Sunday’s mixed doubles final. “We must surely play at 100% to win the final,” estimates Robert Mateusiak who, with Nadiezda Kostiuczyk, will attempt to make good on their position as the top-seeded mixed doubles pair in this tournament. Their unseeded opponents, Fran Kurniawan and Shendy Puspa Irawati, like the Polish number one pair, have won all their matches in Warsaw in straight games.

Irawati and Meiliana Jauhari won in women’s doubles semi-final against the best home pair Kostiuczyk & Kamila Augustyn (photo).

“We had a chance to win the first game,” said Kamila when interviewed by Polish Radio. “Maybe there was a bit too little of luck for us. And in the rubber game a lack of concentration. However, they were better,” admitted Polish player.

Image She estimates that the Polish women’s doubles pair is now farther from the Games. “After the defeat in the semi-final in Warsaw we must reach at least the final of European Championships to really think about getting a chance to start in Beijing,” calculates a worried Augustyn, who is also trying to qualify for the Olympics in singles.

Speaking of singles, the top two seeds in the women’s competition will face off on Sunday afternoon after disposing of the last Asian singles competitors. Top seed Juliane Schenk eliminated qualifier Sylvina Kurniawan of Indonesia on Saturday morning while Petya Nedelcheva continued her winning streak over Hwang Hye Youn (photo) of Korea. This effectively relegates Hwang to trying again for the Olympics four years from now. She will be playing Osaka next week, forgoing the outside chance of Grand Prix Gold points in India.

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