Karyn Velez dies in car accident

On the day of the finals of the BWF World Championships, some very sad news came to fans of badminton from the USA and the Philippines. One of their most […]

On the day of the finals of the World Championships, some very sad news came to fans of badminton from the USA and the Philippines. One of their most promising players, Karyn Velez, known by her friends as “Chibby”, died in a car accident in Manila.

“Karyn was a bubbly, jolly, happy-go-lucky person…I remember how we had a hard time teaching her badminton since she was still young but after that she did well. She started badminton with us before moving to the U.S.,” recalls Kennevic Asuncion, who used to be her coach.

Don Hearn from Badzine met with her at the Canada Open two years ago and wrote a feature about this joyful young lady (available here).

We at Badzine would like to send our condolences to Karyn’s friends and family. She will be greatly missed on the tour.

Her friend Leann Choo from Australia has asked for help to do a video for her family.

Here is her appeal:

My name is Leanne Choo and I’m one of Karyn’s close friends. Karyn has touched the lives of many badminton players across the world. I would like to organize a small video tribute with all of you to send to the Velez family. The Velez family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers and I hope you will take the small time to do this.

The video will start with me speaking on behalf of all the players. I will say something like “To the friends and family of Karyn Velez, she has touched so many badminton players’ lives..”

Then the next part is where we need your help. Please arrange anybody who is willing and together in a video, just say your badminton club, city, and country.

We will play each and every one of the clips you send us and then end with something like “on behalf of all these players across the world, our deepest condolences to you. We will all miss Karyn very much.” We will then have a quick credits rollover with all of your names. So again, if you can arrange badminton players’ whose lives were touched by Karyn, and just be together in a video stating your badminton club, city, and country, please send to ripkvelez@gmail.com

Please keep the video short and include all names of those in the videos.

Thank you and God bless.

Raphaël Sachetat

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