FRENCH OPEN 2011 QF – Lin fights for 1, wins in 3?

Needless to say, crowds and badminton fans around the world have become accustomed to some trepidation before any match between two Chinese sides.  But this time, Lin Dan and Chen Jin left the crowd completely clueless about what was this all about.

By Tarek Hafi, live in Paris.  Photos: Badmintonphoto (live)

Incomprehensible. That was the only word, anyone could use, after watching Lin Dan and Chen Jin’s match. When many thought the Lin Dan and Chen Jin match might end early in a lopsided victory or even earlier, with a walkover, the two players decided to do their own remixed style of playing.

The two players entered the court confidently, foreseeing probably a fair encounter. However, the first game was what many expected, a non-game: clear, drop shot, clear, drop shot was the pattern they were treated to until Chen Jin opened up a huge margin to win the first game.

The crowd, obviously not happy about what they were seeing, all began boo-ing the two players together, frustrated at not getting the match they deserved after buying their tickets and making their way to the stadium at their own expense. The second game, became predictable as a string of points were given to Chen Jin until…it was Chen who didn’t want to play either.  This time, it was him who would let the shuttle land on the line, miss smashes and let Lin Dan take the game.  The entire crowd could simply only focus on that match, and you could see everybody looking at each other saying “what is going on?”

A situation the Chinese team never gave us an occasion to witness. Therefore the whole crowd started to guess who would take the rubber? Lin Dan did. And, the most incredible part of it is that they both fought hard to get that third game, suddenly playing hard smashes, increasing their speed, with plenty of raised fists. Lin Dan, obviously took the match, fighting only for one of the games, and also let the world discover a new scheme in their Olympic point quest.

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