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    SPOTLIGHT – Kim Moon Soo on 30 years of doubles excellence

    Olympic gold medallist and two-time World Champion Kim Moon Soo looks back on winning Korea’s first ever badminton World Championship title, 30 years ago this week. Interview by Don Hearn.  Photos: Badmintonphoto and Don Hearn...

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    Peter Gade: I want to give France that little “extra”

    Peter Gade will join France on May 15th as its new Performance Director, for a 5-year contract. The Dane is impatient to start on the job, which is a new challenge for him. He comes...

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    Sidek and Razak quit as Morten Frost arrives

    There are tough first days ahead for Malaysia’s new technical director Morten Frost. The famous Dane will have to deal with the departure of two coaches in the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) stable: singles...

  • Li Yongbo aims at 100 titles

    Li Yongbo aims at 100 titles

    Twenty years after his accession to the top position of what today constitutes the best national badminton team in the world, Li Yongbo told, in an interview, that one of his lifetime dreams is...

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    Michael Reed – A Danish touch under the Eiffel Tower

    Everybody was wondering who this blond coach was behind the French doubles in Coubertin last week. Michael Reed, 43, is the new coach for the doubles squad training at INSEP, the French National Training Centre.

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    Rashid Sidek latest casualty in BAM reorganization

    Malaysian national team coach Rashid Sidek has quit in protest over changes in the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) which he says make it so that he no longer enjoys coaching. The resignation, as reported...

  • Tragedy strikes southern badminton community

    Tragedy strikes southern badminton community

    For the second time in eight years, accidental death has afflicted the badminton community of Korea’s South Gyeongsang Province.  The head coach of the Miryang City Hall Badminton Team perished in a river accident last...

  • Retired Chen takes over from pregnant Zhang

    Retired Chen takes over from pregnant Zhang

    2010 World Badminton Champion Chen Jin has retired and, according to a report issued today in Malaysian daily the Star, he has already taken over a coaching position.  Chen will be coaching women’s singles on...

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