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    Paradise in Hell

    Yesterday, I was in Jakarta to meet, for the first time, the children of the new Solibad project Bintang Solibad. What an amazing day… It had happened once before. I had felt emotionally overwhelmed when...

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    Editorial – Why stealing photos is wrong

    Have you ever entered a store, taken some food, and left without paying? And do you imagine yourself answering the cashier who asks you to pay “I’ll give you credit”? Or “Sorry, I won’t do...

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    Editorial – ISBT London – Back on court

    Back on court… By Raphael Sachetat. Badzine Chief Editor. Photos: Olivier Duband/ Conor Flatley I had forgotten how it felt. First, the pre-competition excitement. Preparing your bag. The rackets: 2? Naah, 3 maybe – you...

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    Has China’s women’s singles supremacy ended?

    Before the 2015 Singapore Open was concluded, there was a noticeable shift of power in the women’s singles category in international badminton.  How dire is it for China in the medium to longer term? By...

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    Opinion – Why the world needs Lee Chong Wei

    Regular Badzine contributor Kira Rin takes a look at the significance of Lee Chong Wei’s upcoming hearing. By Kira Rin.  Photos: Badmintonphoto Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.  To speak of this humble Malaysian player is to...

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    Opinion – 11 points, from the eyes of the athletes

    As tournaments on both ends of the earth have now experimented with the BWF’s newly proposed scoring system, we hear from players and coaches who have played under it in two tournaments in September. By...

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    Editorial – Not the change we need

    When the Badminton World Federation (BWF) proposed three new scoring systems, Badzine voters voted all three down in resounding fashion.  Now the world body’s next step is to take a fourth option, very similar to...

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    Editorial – Why I think it’s time for a change in scoring system

    As Chief Editor of an online magazine I often have occasion to write editorials that go against the trend or what seems to be the consensus among the webzine’s readership.  This editorial would seem to...

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