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  • pi-hongyan-rotator

    GPM – Welcome to the Professional Era of Badminton

    GLOBAL PRO MANAGMENT (GPM) is the fusion of a wealth of badminton business knowledge accumulated by Mathieu Argellies and Mark Phelan over the past number of years. The new business is born, not only out...

  • laybourn

    FEATURED WEBSITE – Laybourn sells his stock options

    Thomas Laybourn is not only a good player – who has become World Champion last year, but also a very inventive person: a few weeks ago, he had the idea of selling “stocks” of himself...

  • FEATURED WEBSITE – BestOnCourt.com

    FEATURED WEBSITE – BestOnCourt.com

    How does Denmark do it?  This tiny nation has been a giant of world badminton for well over half a century and with two All England champions, one World Champion and now a World Junior...

  • FEATURED WEBSITE – Anastasia Russkikh

    FEATURED WEBSITE – Anastasia Russkikh

    Check out the homepage for Russian star Anastasia Russkikh.  The site is very tastefully designed and has plenty of details on her profile, training and calendar as well as photo and video galleries. To visit...

  • FEATURED WEBSITE – Carlton goes Interactive

    FEATURED WEBSITE – Carlton goes Interactive

    The brand Carlton has launched its brand new website, with a new design and new interactive features. Sober and simply designed with their usual colors yellow and black, the brand carried by Nathan Robertson and...

  • FEATURED WEBSITE – Denmark Open

    FEATURED WEBSITE – Denmark Open

    The Denmark Open Super Series has launched its website, with a version all in English. The brand new website features videos of the world champions Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Thomas Laybourn explaining why they’d like...



    Badminton legend Liem Swie King has lent his name to the feature film King, released on June 25th by Alenia Pictures.  Both the film and its official website are in Bahasa Indonesia but a subtitled...



    Since the Indonesian jewel has turned professionnal, a lot has happened for Taufik Hidayat, including the renewal of his official website, taufik-hidayat.com, which is now up to date with blog entries, but also a lot...

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