SINGAPORE OPEN 2010 Rd 1 – Firdasari just “Zhou” good

Day Two of the Li-ning Singapore Open 2010 Super Series saw the defending women’s singles champion dumped out of the tournament – on court number two, no less. A good […]


Day Two of the Li-ning 2010 Super Series saw the defending women’s singles champion dumped out of the tournament – on court number two, no less. A good figure for Indonesians.

By Pearlyn Kwang, Badzine Correspondent, live from Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photos: Badmintonphoto (live)

It was, however, bad luck number three for Zhou Mi (photo), who found herself ousted in the first round of a Super Series the third time this year.  To top it off, she had a fall in the first set, which left her groaning in pain for a while. “I think the mats are still slightly slippery, which is why I fell,” said Zhou, referring to the unexpected downpour which happened earlier in the day.

Unlike the previous two times where Korea’s Bae Youn Joo came off victorious, it was Indonesia’s Firdasari who kept her cool this time to defeat the Hong Kong veteran 21-12, 10-21, 21-11.

The third-seed claims she is not too heartbroken though. “I wasn’t [upset about the loss] because I didn’t feel very well before the match, so I kind of expected it to happen.  Hopefully I will do better the next time.”

sin2010-firdasariA pity for the world number 9, but for her younger adversary, it was, of course, too good to be true. Clever tactics and tenacity proved to be successful for Firdasari, as she left Zhou Mi sprawling all over the court. The delighted Indonesian said of the match,”Overall, the draft of the court was a problem. The first set was good for me because I was playing against the wind. However, in the second game, it was really difficult to play since it was really easy for the shuttle to go long and wide.”

Her winning formula?  “In the third game I tried to gain as many points as possible in the first half so that it would be difficult for Zhou Mi to catch up with me. I also had to take risks and keep attacking.

Compatriot Maria Febe Kusumastuti followed in her footsteps and dispatched Japan’s Megumi Taruno 17-21, 21-15, 21-16 to reach the next round.


There are two places for Indonesia in the women’s singles Round of 16 and it will be three for the men. It was a close shave for seventh-seeded Sony Dwi Kuncoro though, as his opponent was poised to create the next upset on the same court.

Tanongsak Saensomboosuk started off fiercely, consistently attacking the Indonesian, and his prowess saw him swiftly capture the first game 21-16. The tables were turned in the second, as Sony picked up 12 consecutive points from 9-6 to bring the match into a three-game tie.

The Indonesian echoed Firdasari’s comment on the conditions of the court, “As usual, this court is always hard to play at because of the strong draft.  When I’m playing against the wind, then it is an advantage for me but when it is on the other side of the court, then it is easy for the shuttle to go out.

Regardless of the windy conditions, the third set proved to be more exciting, and drama ensued as the match was closing into the last few points. A controversial line call at 16-15 aroused the spectators’ involvement, with some of them supporting the line judge’s decision in Sony’s favour, and others emphatically endorsing Tanongsak’s refutation of the call. With the conflicting stances adopted by the crowd, the umpire decided to call a let. The young Thai ace, seemingly motivated by the ruling, then lashed a lethal smash down Sony’s side of the court, much to the satisfaction of his supporters.

Nonetheless, Sony was not going to let his name be next on the casualty list. He picked up his game and took advantage of Tanongsak’s mistakes to crush his challenger’s dream of reaching the next round.

No berth in the next round for the Thai, but he did leave an impression on the more experienced Indonesian though. Sony quipped after the match, “Tanongsak played really well. He played a lot with his smashes and accurate net shots.

However, I tried to control my emotions and focus on the game. I also tried to apply strategies to curb his smashes, so I kept giving him the shuttle far and wide.”

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