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    Badzine polls in hindsight: You’re voting, who’s listening?

    To what extent do the powers that be, and the fates, listen to what Badzine readers vote should, or will happen?  We take a look below at both the influence and the clairvoyance of our...

  • 20140626_1641_australianopen2014_yves9885

    Editorial – Not the change we need

    When the Badminton World Federation (BWF) proposed three new scoring systems, Badzine voters voted all three down in resounding fashion.  Now the world body’s next step is to take a fourth option, very similar to...

  • scorekeeper-02-div-yn-strasbourgmasters2008

    Editorial – Why I think it’s time for a change in scoring system

    As Chief Editor of an online magazine I often have occasion to write editorials that go against the trend or what seems to be the consensus among the webzine’s readership.  This editorial would seem to...

  • 20140629_1547_australianopen2014_yves2999

    Putting the ‘World’ in the World Superseries

    The MetLife BWF World Superseries is becoming a ‘World’ Superseries in more ways than one. By Pendi Kwok.  Photos: Badmintonphoto 8 different nations in a Superseries final: Spain is in! While it is hard to...

  • nathan_paintedbg_2

    National League breaks new ground for English badminton

    A new era of badminton in England began in 2014 as Badminton England announced the National Badminton League, a televised professional circuit to begin in October featuring the best of the current British players. By...

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