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  • Internationaux de France 2013

    Happy April Fools’ Day! – Jonassen given World Champs wild card

    The news came in early on Tuesday.  Despite early hints that China’s Lin Dan might get another wild card to participate in the 2014 BWF World Championships, it will be Denmark’s Kenneth Jonassen who will...

  • lin-dan-065-worldchampionships2013

    Editorial – Should Lin Dan be given a wild card? No…and Yes.

    After the recent hints that Lin Dan could be the surprise beneficiary of a wild card for the BWF World Championships in Denmark this summer, reactions by fans have gone either one way or the...

  • lin-dan-040-worldchampionships2013

    A second World Champs wild card for Lin Dan?

    During a breakfast hosted by Badminton England to their VIP Members, Peter Gade, invited as a special guest, hinted that there were discussions going on about giving Lin Dan a wild card again for the...

  • Badzine readers choose Europe

    Badzine readers choose Europe

    Badzine readers would prefer to watch top-level badminton at Europe’s biggest tournaments in 2014, according to our latest Badzine Poll. We asked our readers which tournaments you would like to attend in 2014 were travel...

  • bwf-major-events-2015-host-city-jakarta

    Jakarta to host its 3rd Worlds in 2015

    Jakarta will be hosting the BWF World Championships for the 3rd time. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) made the announcement following a decision by the BWF Council in Athens, Greece. The Indonesian capital was bidding against China for the right to hold the event in 2015.

  • China bids to host 2 more Worlds

    China bids to host 2 more Worlds

    The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced today that they would be making decisions this month on the hosts for the BWF World Championships and the Sudirman Cup Mixed Team World Championships for 2015.  China has...

  • kate-foo-kune-worldchampionships_2013_raph3645_rotator

    Kate Foo Kune – Beating the odds from ‘the middle of nowhere’

    Africa’s top women’s singles player Kate Foo Kune spoke to Badzine about the challenges facing aspiring badminton players from one of the world’s most remote places. By Don Hearn, Badzine Correspondent.  Photos: Badmintonphoto While Africa...

  • 20130811_2039_worldchampionships_2013_raph0718_rotator

    WORLDS Finals – 5th title for Lin Dan!

    Lin Dan outlasted Lee Chong Wei in the final at the Wang Lao Ji BWF World Badminton Championships, the 3rd edition of their now annual August classic. By Don Hearn, Badzine Correspondent live in Guangzhou. ...

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