National Champs Links – 2013

In less than a month’s time, many nations around the world, particularly on the Atlantic, will be holding their championships at around the same time.   We have provided many of the links for other nations below and will continue to add to them as the information becomes available.  If you know of links we should be including on this page, please feel free to put them in a comment below:

Russian Nationals (Jan 28-Feb 1)
Canadian Nationals (Jan 30-Feb 2)
German Nationals (Jan 31-Feb 3)
Swiss Nationals (Jan 31-Feb 3)
Czech Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Italian Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Finnish Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Dutch Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Austrian Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Estonian Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Scottish Nationals (Feb 1-3)
English Nationals (Feb 1-3) (official page)
French Nationals (Feb 1-3) (official page)
Swedish Nationals (Feb 1-3)
Norwegian Nationals (Feb 1-3) (official page)
Ukrainian Nationals (Feb 1-4)
Irish Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Belgian Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Slovenian Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Croatian Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Latvian Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Lithuanian Nationals (Feb 2-3)
Danish Nationals (Feb 7-10) (programme with draws)
Polish Nationals (Apr 25-28)
Singapore Nationals (Mar 14-17)
New Zealand Nationals (Mar 22-24)
U.S. Nationals (Mar 29-31)
Spanish Nationals (May 10-12)
Thai Nationals (Aug 28-Sept 1)
Indian Nationals (Dec 16-23)
Malaysia National Circuit Grand Prix Finals (Dec 27-30)

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