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  • 20140613_1920_japanopen2014_raph9666

    Memories of…the Japan Open

    Here are the memories of the Japan Open from Raphael Sachetat Chief Editor of Badzine and owner of Badmintonphoto, the well-known badminton photo agency. I have lost count of the number of times I have...

  • 20140518-1425-thomas-uber-cup-2014-raph9365-tuc-memories_rotator

    Uber Cup 2014: A player’s view

    England’s Fontaine Chapman, who left the 2014 Uber Cup finals having been beaten only by the Olympic champion, shares with Badzine readers a very personal account of her experiences at this unique event. By Fontaine...

  • ssl9843

    Memories of… the 2013 Sudirman Cup

    Though lacking in stars, spectators and suspense, badminton’s World Mixed Team Championships of 2013 had enough of the rare and new to make it an exciting event.  Here are my memories of…  the 2013 Sudirman...

  • 20130407-img_6934

    Memories of…the Finnish Open

    The recently concluded Finnish Open was one of the highlights of the European Badminton tour. Our correspondent, Thomas Piauley, who worked at the event for the Finnish Badminton Association, takes a look back at what struck him. Here are his memories of the Finnish Open.

  • 20130120_1503-malaysiaopen2013_yves6378_rotator

    Memories of…the Korea and Malaysia Opens

    As the badminton players begin to focus on players’ commission elections and on the hallowed All England, Badmintonphoto photographer and Badzine special contributor Yves Lacroix gives us his memories of covering the first two tournaments...


    Iran Fajr International: A player’s view

    Nicole Grether partnered Charmaine Reid in the recent Iran Fajr International Challenge. Nicole wrote a report on her experience in this competition – the only one in the circuit with different venues for men and...

  • 20121227_2019-copenhagenmasters2012_yves0808_rotator

    Memories of… the Copenhagen Masters 2012

    It was a year to remember but also a year to reminisce and Badzine special contributor and Badmintonphoto photographer Yves Lacroix tells of how both figured into the last badminton event of 2012, the Yonex...

  • 20120929_1324-solibadflashmobtokyo2012_yves1737

    Memories of…the China Masters and Japan Open

    As the Superseries enters the homestretch, our roaming Badmintonphoto photographer gives us his firsthand recollections of the events that marked the tour’s resumption after the Olympic break. Story and photos by Yves Lacroix Despite all...

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