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  • Commonwealth hosts bid for Sudirman

    Commonwealth hosts bid for Sudirman

    Commonwealth Games hosts past and future have entered bids to host the 2017 Sudirman Cup, says a report released today by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).  Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and Glasgow, Scotland submitted...

  • bwf-major-events-2015-host-city-jakarta

    Jakarta to host its 3rd Worlds in 2015

    Jakarta will be hosting the BWF World Championships for the 3rd time. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) made the announcement following a decision by the BWF Council in Athens, Greece. The Indonesian capital was bidding against China for the right to hold the event in 2015.

  • China bids to host 2 more Worlds

    China bids to host 2 more Worlds

    The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced today that they would be making decisions this month on the hosts for the BWF World Championships and the Sudirman Cup Mixed Team World Championships for 2015.  China has...

  • ssl9843

    Memories of… the 2013 Sudirman Cup

    Though lacking in stars, spectators and suspense, badminton’s World Mixed Team Championships of 2013 had enough of the rare and new to make it an exciting event.  Here are my memories of…  the 2013 Sudirman...

  • 20130526-1701_ssc9903

    SUDIRMAN CUP Final – China, of course!

    China proved yet again they are too consistent and too powerful for the other countries in the world of badminton as they only needed six games to win their 9th Sudirman Cup since 1995. By...

  • 20130525_1848_sudirmancup2013_yves5757_rotator

    SUDIRMAN CUP SF – China past Denmark to reach 10th straight final

    China notched a 3-1 victory over Denmark to reach their 10th straight Sudirman Cup final, where they will face Korea for the 4th time. By Mior Muzaffar Mior Dahalan, Badzine Correspondent live in Kuala Lumpur. ...

  • Xu/Ma and Liu/Qiu get the nod for China in Sudirman final

    Xu/Ma and Liu/Qiu get the nod for China in Sudirman final

    Liu Xiaolong / Qiu Zihan (pictured below) and Xu Chen / Ma Jin will be playing against Korea today in place of their Olympic gold medal-winning compatriots in the 2013 Sudirman Cup final.  The complete...

  • ko-sung-hyun-sudirmancup2013_yves3110_rotator

    SUDIRMAN CUP SF – Thailand KO’d by Ko

    Ko Sung Hyun starred for Korea by winning both of his matches, in the mixed and men’s doubles, thereby propelling Korea to a 3-1 victory in the first semi-final of the 2013  Sudirman Cup against...

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