2016 Results

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For 2016 major event medallists, click on the discipline below:
Men’s Singles
Women’s Singles
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles

BWF Events

Rio Olympics (Official)
Thomas & Uber Cups

Continental Championships

Asian Champs
European Champs – Men’s & Women’s Team
TUC Asia Prelims
TUC Oceania Prelims
TUC Pan Am Prelims
TUC Africa Prelims
European Champs
Pan Am Champs
Pan Am Champs – Mixed Team
Oceania Champs – Mixed Team
Oceania Champs – Indiv.


All England
India Open
Malaysia Open
Singapore Open
Indonesia Open
Australia Open
Japan Open
Korea Open
Denmark Open
French Open
China Open
Hong Kong Open
Superseries Finals

Grand Prix Gold

Malaysia Masters GP Gold
India GP Gold
Thailand Masters GP Gold
German Open GP Gold
Swiss Open GP Gold
New Zealand Open GP Gold
China Masters GP Gold
Chinese Taipei Open GP Gold
U.S. Open GP Gold
Indonesia Masters GP Gold
Thailand GP Gold
Bitburger Open GP Gold
Macau Open GP Gold
Korea Masters GP Gold

Grand Prix

Canada Open GP
Vietnam Open GP
Brazil Open GP
Russia Open GP
Chinese Taipei Masters GP
Dutch Open GP
Scottish Open GP

International Challenge

China International
Swedish Masters
Austrian International
Brazil International
Polish International
French International
Finnish International
Peru International
Tahiti International
Iran Fajr International – CANCELLED
Thailand International
Vietnam International
Spanish International
White Nights International
Lagos International – CANCELLED
Belgian International
Czech International
Hungarian International
Indonesia International
Malaysia International
Welsh International
India International
Bangladesh International
Irish International
Italian International
U.S. International


World Juniors Indiv
World Juniors Team
Asian Juniors Team
Asian Juniors Indiv
Pan Am Juniors Indiv
Pan Am Juniors Team
African Juniors Indiv
Dutch Junior Open
German Junior Open
Thailand Youth International
India Youth International
Malaysia Youth International
Indonesia Junior International
Singapore Youth International
Korea Youth International


China Super Badminton League results were formerly available in Chinese at http://www.yy008.com/yy008/info.action?id=375
India – Premier Badminton League (Official)
England – National Badminton League – Official
Malaysia – Purple League 2016 ; 2016-7 – (Official)
Dutch International
Singapore International
Sydney International
World University Championships – Mixed Team
World University Championships – Indiv
European Club Championships
Turkish Para-Badminton International
Irish Para-Badminton International
Indonesia Para-Badminton International
European Para-Badminton Championships
Asia Para-Badminton Championships
National Champs (Links)

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