National Champs Links – 2012

Many nations around the world, particularly on the Atlantic, are once again holding their championships at the same time.   India has long since finished and we have provided many of the links for other nations below:

Indian Nationals (Jan 17-25)
Canadian Nationals (Feb 1-4)
Polish Nationals (Feb 2-4)
Russian Nationals (Feb 2-5)
German Nationals (Feb 2-5)
Swiss Nationals (Feb 2-5)
Danish Nationals (Feb 2-5)
Italian Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Finnish Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Dutch Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Austrian Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Estonian Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Scottish Nationals (Feb 3-5)
English Nationals (Feb 3-5)
French Nationals (Feb 3-5)
Irish Nationals (Feb 4-5)
Belgian Nationals (Feb 4-5)
Czech Nationals (Feb 10-12)
U.S. Nationals (Apr 20-22)
Spanish Nationals (May 4-6)

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