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  • 20141114_2012_chinaopen2014-rsc_6884_rotator

    ASIAN JUNIORS – China takes 6th team title

    Fielding a bevy of Youth Olympic and World and Asian Junior champions, including Zheng Siwei, China took its sixth mixed title in the ten years since the Asian Junior Championships first staged a mixed team...

  • Japan beats Korea 12-11 on Sudirman semi-finals day

    Japan beats Korea 12-11 on Sudirman semi-finals day

    By an interesting coincidence, Japan actually won 12 of 23 matches against Korea on Saturday.  Before the two long-time badminton (but new Sudirman) rivals took to the court in Dongguan for their Sudirman Cup semi-final...

  • 20141014_1445_denmarkopen2014_yn__0997

    EUROPEAN JUNIORS – Almost a clean sweep for Denmark

    Denmark once again came out as the main winner of the European Championships in Lubin, Poland this weekend as the individual competition came to an end with impressive success for the Danes in four out...

  • EUROPEAN JUNIORS – Spain on top

    EUROPEAN JUNIORS – Spain on top

    There was a huge surprise in Lubin, Poland, during the European Team Junior Championships, where Spain took the gold medal this morning with a 3-2 win over England. The Spanish team was expected to fare...

  • 20140107_1321_koreaopen2014_yves2468

    GERMAN JUNIOR – Korean and Malaysian youngsters pick up the slack

    While the entire senior national teams from Korea and Malaysia were shut out of the semi-finals at the All England, the next generation was finding success at the German Junior Open in Berlin. Photo: Yves...

  • DANISH CUP – Clean sweep for Danish youngsters

    DANISH CUP – Clean sweep for Danish youngsters

    Denmark seemed to have some global concurrence amongst the junior players in Europe, yet the Scandinavian powerhouse proved this week-end that they were still very much on top, with a clean sweep in the Danish...

  • dsc_0163-7-copy-wjc2014_rotator

    WORLD JUNIORS 2014 Finals – Chen, Huang, and Akane repeat!

    China bagged 3 World Junior individual titles for the first time in 7 years, with Chen Qingchen contributing 2 of them in Stadium Abdul Halim, Alor Setar. Story and photos by Chee Ying Fan, Badzine...

  • team-china-suhandinata-2014_rotator

    WORLD JUNIORS 2014 – Cloud nine for China

    China’s junior players were on cloud nine after beating Indonesia en route to winning their 9th Suhandinata Cup. Story and photos by Chee Ying Fan, Badzine Correspondent live in Alor Setar Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium...

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