MALAYSIA OPEN 2011 Day 2 – Mighty Tai upsets local shuttler

Taiwan youngster Tai Tzu Ying got off to a decent start in 2011 as disaster continues to strike the local team in women’s singles and mixed doubles. By Lee Suet […]

Taiwan youngster Tai Tzu Ying got off to a decent start in 2011 as disaster continues to strike the local team in women’s singles and mixed doubles.

By Lee Suet Yan, Badzine Correspondent live in Kuala Lumpur. Photos: Yves Lacroix for Badmintonphoto (live)

The Commonwealth Games 2010 mixed doubles gold medallists Koo Kien Keat / Chin Eei Hui suffered a 8-21, 13-21 defeat at the hands of Muhammad Rijal / Debby Susanto (pictured) in the first round of mixed doubles. Koo was not so focus in the beginning of the game, and Chin committed some unforced errors and they lagged behind 6-11 at the first game interval. The run of points continued after the interval and the Indonesians built a big lead of 17-7. Rijal hit a smash in the middle of the court, but Koo/Chin failed to respond to it, this give another point to the Indonesian pair, made it 18-7. Rijal played some fantastic attacking cross-court shots to catch Chin/Koo off guard and winning the game 21-8.

Koo stayed more focussed in the second game, but this was still not sufficient for them to break through Indonesian wall.  Again, the Indonesians ran ahead after the interval. At 10-16, once again a misunderstanding happened between Koo and Chin, Rijal sent the shuttle to the back, but both Koo and Chin just failed to respond.  After almost 20 minutes of play, Rijal/Susanto reached their first match point 20-13, it did not take long for Rijal/Susanto to wrap up the match as after two rallies of play, Rijal sent the shuttle just landed on the line. Rijal/Susanto won 21-8, 21-13.

“I never met with them before and this is our first time meeting,” said Koo after the match.  “but for my condition, I should be able to handle tonight’s men’s doubles because I was physically and mentally prepare for the this week and the Korea Open next week. I am looking for three to five titles this year, and hopefully the World Championship. My main target is the World Championship this year.”

Meanwhile, the women’s singles lost two local players this morning. The mighty 16-year-old Tai Tzu Ying has shown us that although she is small, she isstrong! Tai dropped the opening game to Lydia Cheah (pictured), but she responded quickly and superbly to win the next two games and secure her place in the second round of the women’s singles. The second game started to be a tight one. After Lydia Cheah leveled up at 6-6, she forced Tai to play her backhand twice before winning a point for herself. The tight scores continued to 10-10. Both players tried to played a few long rallies, but Lydia Cheah tried to change the pace of the game, she attempted to place a drop shot close to the net, but failed, giving Tai a one-point advantage at the mid-game interval. Both players were fighting for every point after the interval, until Tai wrapped up the game 21-19 with a slice drop shot. The final deciding game was an exciting one.  Tai had seven match points but Lydia Cheah, incredibly, saved all seven and drew level at 20-20. The local crowds were amazed by Lydia Cheah’s comeback and started to put their focus in her match. Both players were getting nervous, as each player won one point each from 21-21 to 22-22 to 23-23 and to 24-24, before Tai overcame the local Lydia Cheah.

“It was really a pity because I cannot survive through some crucial points,” said Lydia Cheah after her defeat.  “When I was 13-20 down, I did not think too much, I was just trying to save as many points as possible.  Overall, I still lack luck I think, because when I want to win, at that time, I cannot win. I think I still need to improve my physical fitness and also my playing skills. After this, maybe I will play at the Asian Badminton Championship and the Malaysia Grand Prix Gold, but not other tournaments.”

While Tai and Lydia Cheah were fighting hard on the next court, Juliane Schenk on Court 1 got some shocks from local teenager Tee Jing Yi. Since this was their first meeting, Juliane might have not adapted to the playing style of Tee, she was down 7-11 at the interval. Juliane kept chasing to draw level at 13. Although Tee was playing against an experience and powerful player, she never gave up and showed great fighting spirit on court. Tee forced a deuce at 20-20 in the first game, before Juliane won it 25-23. Juliane has found the way to defeat Tee in the second game, and she had gotten used to Tee’s style of play after the first game, and ended up winning the match 25-23, 21-13.

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