Badzine’s Olympic Qualification Dummy List

We are happy to present you, once again, with Badzine’s exclusive Olympic Qualification .  We will try to keep it updated regularly to give you the names of the players who, based on our calculation from the tournament played, would be eligible to compete in the London if the qualification period ended on this date.

NEW! From December 29th onwards, Badzine’s dummy lists have included only points from tournaments which will actually count towards Olympic qualification, excluding points earnedbefore the Olympic qualifying period began. This means the point totals and have differed from the current official BWF world , in an attempt to give a more accurate Olympic dummy list.

Also, in our latest list of players potentially qualified, we have included the number of spots made available when a player is qualified in more than one event. This means that the number of qualifiers has often been different from one list to the other, depending on how many spots are made available.   It has not been possible, however, to predict how and if the Tripartite Commission Places will be allocated.  These will be announced by the BWF in the coming weeks and so an additional three singles spots per gender will go to players qualifying under Tripartite Commission rules, with unused spaces going to players on the reserve lists that we have identified.

This is not an official list – as only the BWF is entitled to give the names of the qualifying shuttlers – but this list will give fans, and players themselves, a better view of the players who could potentially qualify for the London Olympics.

This list is updated by our expert – a BWF-certificated umpire – and takes into account the BWF’s own qualification rules.  Starting with our 2011 year-end dummy lists, we have engaged a special guest statistician to compile the ranking points earned only after the beginning of the London Olympic qualifying period, which began on May 1st, 2011.  These should thus be more accurate than our three previous sets of lists, which simply used the current world rankings, including points that will not count toward the final qualification.

LATEST LIST – MAY 3rd, 2012

Below are the links to the latest lists, published using the tournaments played up until now and using the ranking points that we expect to be published on Thursday, May 3rd by the BWF.  This week marks the last edition of the Badzine Dummy Lists for the 2012 Olympic qualifying period.

Enjoy these last lists and thank you for your following the qualification race with us on Badzine!

The Final 2012 Olympic Dummy Lists – May 3rd, 2012
Men’s Singles
Women’s Singles
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles (revised – May 3rd)

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