The Indonesia Open 2013, inside and out

From the first day of the Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013, Nation’s Pride Arena presented many interesting events: not only the world-class badminton tournament but also a […]

From the first day of the Djarum Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013, Nation’s Pride Arena presented many interesting events: not only the world-class badminton tournament but also a variety of exciting games and entertainment.

By Altania Cut Wigri, Badzine Correspondent live in Jakarta.  Photos: Badmintonphoto (live)

What’s on the outside

From the main entrance, the complex was covered in atmosphere, carrying the Nation Pride Arena theme.  The visitors were able to see a maxi cube screen displaying batik and shuttlecock theme illustration and could have their picture taken in front of a big “Welcome to DIOSSP” sign.

Various bazaar booths provided merchandise and games.  One booth was selling official Djarum merchandise such as hats, pins, T-shirts, and jerseys.  The visitors could also have their picture taken with batik and Indonesia Open theme frame.  There were also several games where visitors could buy a Rp 5,000 coupon and get a chance to win T-shirts or pins.  The Smash Trampoline game, in particular, contestants under 80 kg could be filled with a safety harness and try jump smashing on a trampoline, attempting to hit targets with varying points to win a T-shirt.

At the Shout Your Support game, participants just need to shout IN-DO-NE-SIA (each in 4 seconds) as loud as possible in front of a vending machine, which would then show acomment and issue a paper tube showing the prize won.

Just like last year, Indonesia Open again provided a free face painting booth for all visitors, who had the choice of national flags or other shapes.  At the Wall of Support, visitors could write words of motivation for the athletes or of affection for their idols.  The Wall of Fame showed big photos and profiles of Indonesian legends such as Lim Swie King, Susi Susanti, Ivana Lie, Candra Wijaya, Ricky Subagja, Nova Widianto, and even those still active, such as Taufik Hidayat, Liliyana Natsir, Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan.

At the Celebrity Bazaar, there were fashion booths of Indonesian celebrities both in and out of badminton.

The visitors did not have to worry about meals as there was a food festival that provided a full menu including international selections as well as local Indonesian favourites such as bakso and nasi goreng.  While eating, they were entertained by live performances of local bands that performed on the outdoor stage.

Come on inside

Inside the entrance to the indoor arena itself, there were information machines with touch screens and more booths, including one that had a Meet and Greet with some Indonesian celebrities and some selling badminton equipment and even electronics.

Before the semi-finals begin, Indonesian celebrity Steny Agustaf warmed up the atmosphere by asking the fans at Istora Senayan to sing “Indonesia Pusaka” song.  On Saturday and Sunday, Indonesian musicians Super Girlies, Anji, Rumingkang, and Project Pop sang and got the crowd singing along.

In a badminton exhibition called Badmifunk, several Indonesian legends performed in badminton matches featuring several tricky shots.

On finals day, shortly before the commencement of the final match, legendary shuttler Taufik Hidayat conveyed his official goodbye to his loyal Indonesian fans and badminton association as he was retiring from professional badminton.  For this farewell ceremony, Taufik’s management team had made 400 white T-shirts reading “We Love Taufik” and gave them to the athletes, photographers, and fans.

Taufik handed over a badminton racquet to a young Indonesian player, King co-star Jonathan Christie, as a symbol of regeneration and expectation that his good example could be followed by young players at home.

During his farewell speech, Taufik also thanked his parents, his wife and kids, his coach, his management team, PBSI, sponsors and badminton lovers who have supported him throughout his career.  He convinced that he will not totally leave the badminton world because he will focus to help develop the country badminton through the “Taufik Hidayat Arena”, located in Ciracas, East Jakarta.

This farewell was attended by Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) Chairman, Gita Wirjawan who also thanked Taufik for his dedication and contribution.  He handed Taufik a charter award.

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