Rashid Sidek latest casualty in BAM reorganization

Malaysian national team coach Rashid Sidek has quit in protest over changes in the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) which he says make it so that he no longer enjoys […]

Malaysian national team Rashid Sidek has quit in protest over changes in the (BAM) which he says make it so that he no longer enjoys coaching.

The resignation, as reported in Malaysian daily The Star, has prompted comments from Lee Chong Wei and a subsequent warning to the Star player from the association.

Over a month ago, BAM  took on a new president, Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.  Tengku has made many drastic changes in a 5-year plan aimed at improving the standard of Malaysian badminton.

In addition to downsizing the committee, Tengku has appointed former international Tan Aik Mong as top director and has given him free reign over management of Malaysia’s badminton training regime.  He has also hinted that other internationals like Cheah Soon Kit would later join to supplement the team.  Both Tengku and Aik Mong have even met privately with the players, discussing their roles and responsibilities and reassuring their worries.

However, some coaches are feeling unhappy about the changes as they felt they were being left out of the decision-making processes.  One such coach is Rashid Sidek, who has quit in protest over the changes, which he said took away his joy in coaching.

“They treat all coaches as though we are beginners. They did not discuss anything with us,” Rashid told the Star, adding that the coaches moves were watched by CCTV and a coaching supervisor monitored all training.

Current world no.1 Lee Chong Wei has also spoken to the Malaysian press about his worries over Rashid’s departure, which comes three years after his brother, Misbun quit the national team over changes by BAM, a trend which may continue with the changes going on with BAM this year.

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