DJARUM SUPERLIGA 2014 – Musica Flypower Champion become actual champions

The 2014 edition of the Djarum Badminton Superliga ended with Musica Flypower Champion living up to their team name by becoming the men’s team champions.  With a key victory by […]

The 2014 edition of the Djarum Badminton ended with Musica Flypower Champion living up to their team name by becoming the men’s team champions.  With a key victory by Simon Santoso, Musica repeated their successful run from last year in the same tournament.

By Mathilde Liliana Perada and Altania Cut Wigri, Badzine Correspondents.  Photos: Badmintonphoto (archives)

Defending champions Musica Flypower Champion were challenged by Jaya Raya in the final round of Djarum Badminton Superliga 2014.  Not only did the league end with a final that went the distance but, just as with the women in 2013, the eventual champions had to battle back from a two-match deficit.

Jaya Raya stole the first point through Kenichi Tago, who put in a good performance against Alamsyah Yunus.  The first game looked tight, with Alamsyah leading early, but then Tago chased and take away the game.  Tago played well again in the second game while Alamsyah struggled with unforced errors.

Jaya Raya looked so close to be a winner when Hendra Setiawan and Markis Kido made sure the second match became theirs.  Setiawan, who just got recognized by PBSI as their Most Valuable Player with Mohammad Ahsan for the past year, asserted his superiority in the front court.  The two veterans showed many of their beautiful, characteristic intercepting and attacking.

Ryan Agung Saputra and Wahyu Nayaka looked to be having difficulty at the beginning but they tried to pressure their opponents in the second game and managed to even the score at one game apiece.  However, the former World and Olympic champions held on to win the match 21-11, 18-21, 21-17 to give Jaya Raya a commanding lead.

Musica Flypower Champion was then depending on Simon Santoso (pictured top) to help keep his team in the running to defend their title, against world #8 Nguyen Tien Minh.  Simon may have seen his own ranking slip to a remarkable #58 but he is still the man who won the last major title in Indonesia, September’s Grand Prix Gold, and he needed only two straight games to get point for his team, but the game was not easy.

“Our team had a meeting and I knew that it would be my job to help the team,” said Simon after the match.  “I’m happy to got my job done well and gave a point for the team.  It gives more spirit for my team-mates, who really wanted to play on to the next matches that we could win this tournament.”

Simon Santoso’s winning gave confidence to his team-mates, Vladimir Ivanov (pictured above) and Hardiyanto and Lee Hyun Il.  Ivanov and Hardianto successfully beat Bona Septano and Gideon Markus Fernaldi from Jaya Raya in three games, while in the last match, Lee Hyun Il (pictured) didn’t miss the chance to seal the win for his team.

Marc Zwiebler, who kicked off Musica Flypower Champion’s semi-final win although he was not fielded in the final, said, “I’m very happy and proud to be part of such a professional team.  Thanks for the wonderful support from the crowd.”

Men’s Team Final Result: Musica Flypower Champion 3, Jaya Raya Jakarta 2
MS1: Alamsyah Yunus lost to Kenichi Tago 16-21, 16-21
MD1: Ryan Agung Saputra / Wahyu Nayaka lost to Hendra Setiawan / Markis Kido 11-21, 21-18, 17-21
MS2: Simon Santoso beat Nguyen Tien Minh  21-16, 21-18
MD2: Vladimir Ivanov / Hardiyanto beat Bona Septano / Gideon Markus Fernaldi  21-13, 14-21, 21-17
MS3: Lee Hyun Il beat Wisnu Yuli Prasetyo  21-10, 21-13

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