Copenhagen Masters cancelled in 2016 and 2017

With press release from Badminton Denmark In 2016 and 2017, the traditional Yonex Copenhagen Masters will not be played. The Frederiksberg Falconer Hall has announced that the event cannot be played […]

With press release from

In 2016 and 2017, the traditional Yonex will not be played.

The Frederiksberg Falconer Hall has announced that the event cannot be played in the hall the next few years due to extensive renovations, as well as a change of ownership. Unfortunately, Badminton Denmark has not managed to find other facilities within the economic capabilities of the association and within the immediate budget for this event. Therefore, the Yonex Copenhagen Masters is suspended at least the forthcoming season as well.

The Yonex Copenhagen Masters has been the associations big Christmas attraction since its doors first opened in 1993, at the Circus Building in the heart of Copenhagen, where Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen, Camilla Martin and Jon Holst-Christensen/Thomas Lund won the first titles in the three presented categories.

The association’s idea in relation to this traditional Christmas tournament over the years, has been to create a superior cultural sports experience for badminton, more intimate than the spectators usually experience in an ordinary sports hall. The event has, over the years, been a great, sold-out success especially for the finals every year.

History will tell that: “When the Christmas lights are turned off, the Christmas dinner has been enjoyed in every home, and the last Christmas songs have faded, then our badminton desire sets in.  We then turn to Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, namely the Falconer Hall, that once again is the setting for this year’s highlight for us badminton lovers, Yonex Copenhagen Masters!”

But the story has now taken a turn and the wonderful time with the Yonex Copenhagen Masters has reached “The End” for now.

“We look towards the future now, while we are rethinking the concept. We are pretty sure that in the future we would like to present our world famous badminton stars yet again in a cultural setting and not only in a traditional sports hall. However, we do need the players’ interest in the future as well to make this happen. If it will be in the exactly same format as the Yonex Copenhagen Masters of today is not yet decided,” says Brian Bach Moesgaard, Event Manager at Badminton Denmark.

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