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  • Yonex Dutch Open 2012

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – Planning for the After-match

    In this edition of the Coach’s Notebook, we look at the choices to step out of the limelight that so many players have made in the post-Olympic period. By Tjitte Weistra, Badzine Special Columnist.  Photos:...

  • sleepy-denmark1

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – My Best Friend

    No matter at what level you play badminton, there will always be days when you have to compete against your best friend or maybe even your brother or sister.  This can be fun but it...

  • coach-china-05-chn-yl-canadaopen2011

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – The Big Three

    When people ask me what the key ingredients are for running a successful coaching programme or being successful with a team or group of players then I always talk about “The Big Three”.  Getting the...

  • lars-uhre-03-den-yl-koreaopen2011

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – Slower but smarter

    This article is dedicated to those players who have slowed down a bit due to the simple fact of ageing, but who are still competing at a high level because they manage to play smart(er)....

  • divers-11-ar-france2007

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – The Art of Cheating

    Haven’t we all been there? …lots of times?  The opponent is cheating, obviously, but how do we actually deal with players who seem to believe that cheating is okay? By Tjitte Weistra, Badzine Columnist. Photos:...

  • tjitte3

    WORLD SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Tjitte Weistra “My experience”

    Tjitte Weistra is not only a great coach – or only a great columnist for Badzine – he is also a very talented player, as he showed by winning his first title in the World...

  • wisden-cup-line-up-before-tie

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – What impact do team events have on youngsters?

    Tjitte Weistra, our coach columnist, takes a look at how team events have an impact on young players. Feel free to comment and share your own experience! Photos: rights reserved. Since moving to New Zealand...

  • but-gymnasium-36-div-yl-olympicgames2008

    COACH’S NOTEBOOK – The Race to London 2012

    The qualifying period for the London Olympics has already started. It will be a long road for many top shuttlers who will have to struggle to qualify. How does a player deal with this crucial...

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