Badminton England: “We are disappointed”

Badminton England reacted a few hours after Jenny Wallwork resigned from the GB Badminton Program with an official press release sent out the very same day.

BADMINTON England and GB Badminton, is extremely disappointed to learn of Jenny Wallwork’s decision to step down from the GB World Class Performance Programme.  Jenny’s decision has taken us by surprise and we are disappointed with the manner in which she has chosen to communicate it. We had discussed Jenny’s programme and how it should look in considerable depth with her in the last couple of months and thought we were moving forward positively.

Indeed, we felt we had received strong signals to this end. We have ongoing dialogue with all players regarding their individual programmes – for which many factors are taken into account – and remain confident in our processes.”

The governing body from England hinted that they were happy with their recent performances – including a bronze medal in the European Mixed Team Championships in Russia and that athletes did have their say.

In an interview given to the Telegraph, Jakob Hoi, one of GB’s programme coaches, hinted that there was still a possibility that Jenny would be back in the program at some stage, “We are willing to talk and find solutions. No hands have been cut off and no doors have been slammed,” said the Danish-born coach.

However, Jenny Wallwork was apparently not in the same state of mood following BE’s statement and seemed just happy to have let it all out: “I anticipated it may be one of the most upsetting days of my life however the emotions I have felt today have been so far from that I cannot explain. I stood up for what I believed in and I am so happy I have finally had the opportunity to speak my own mind,” she said.

Her resignation made the headlines in many British media, including the BBC.

Time will tell whether she will be back in the team at some point, whether she will simply retire, or whether she intends to continue playing under a different scheme and private sponsorship.  Even if Wallwork elects to continue playing outside the national team folder, however, Badminton England will still have the final say in entering players to participate in international competitions.

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