No global coverage for scoring system trial?

The Badminton World Federation () released a list of tournaments that will be testing the 5×11-point system and one thing that stands out is that only one Grand Prix event, the 2014 Dutch Open is included.  As only events up to Grand Prix Gold level are eligible to participate in the trial, only two events expected to feature on the ’s Youtube channel – the Indonesia Grand Prix Gold and the Bitburger Open – fall within the August 1st – November 1st trial period and neither is on the list of tournaments trying out the proposed system.  This means that apart from players and officials, only fans who can attend one of the affected tournaments in person or who are lucky enough to enjoy local or regional television coverage will get the chance to make their own assessments of the proposed system as it plays out with world class players.

The good news is that the 31 participating tournaments span 6 continents; furthermore, streamed coverage for two of the highest-profile events in the trial should be available for all viewers with access to Badminton Europe’s online streaming service.

Click here for the list of events participating in the scoring system trial

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