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  • Christie voted most likely to title as a teen

    Christie voted most likely to title as a teen

    In a recent poll on Badzine, our readers picked 16-year-old Indonesian Jonatan Christie (pictured) as the player most likely to win a major men’s singles title (Grand Prix or above) before leaving his teen years....

  • lin-dan-040-worldchampionships2013

    A second World Champs wild card for Lin Dan?

    During a breakfast hosted by Badminton England to their VIP Members, Peter Gade, invited as a special guest, hinted that there were discussions going on about giving Lin Dan a wild card again for the...

  • kim-lee-8741-wubc2012

    POLL – Is suspension of Kim & Lee fair?

    Korean men’s doubles players Kim Ki Jung and Lee Yong Dae have been suspended by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for one year.   We’d like your opinion on that ruling.  Is it fair, too harsh,...

  • ms-teens_rotator

    POLL – Who will be the next golden boy?

    There hasn’t been a teenaged men’s singles winner at the Superseries level in over ten years.  Which of the current stable of young men is likely to be next? Photos: Badmintonphoto Men’s singles is a...

  • Badzine readers choose Europe

    Badzine readers choose Europe

    Badzine readers would prefer to watch top-level badminton at Europe’s biggest tournaments in 2014, according to our latest Badzine Poll. We asked our readers which tournaments you would like to attend in 2014 were travel...

  • badminton-stadium-13-div-yn-europeanteamchampionships2009

    POLL – Where would you like to watch badminton in 2014?

    In our latest Badzine poll, we ask you where you would like to travel to watch badminton in 2014, assuming that money, time, and tickets were not an issue.  Of course, many of our readers...

  • runners-up

    Poll – The most deserving Superseries runner-up?

    In the past year, we have seen the conversion to Superseries champions of several players who had come so close in the past.  Have your say on who deserves to be the next. Tommy Sugiarto...

  • Tai tops Badzine rookie poll

    Tai tops Badzine rookie poll

    As expected, there was no contest about which 1994-born badminton player showed the most promise.  In our latest Badzine poll, Tai was picked by 449 of 510 voters as showing the most promise of any...

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