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  • 20130613_2031_indonesiaopen2013__rap0419_rotator

    Badzine polls in hindsight: You’re voting, who’s listening?

    To what extent do the powers that be, and the fates, listen to what Badzine readers vote should, or will happen?  We take a look below at both the influence and the clairvoyance of our...

  • laybourn-rytter-juhl-107-den-cc-worldchampionships2009_rotator

    POLL – Who is most likely to be Europe’s 1st World Champion in 5 years?

    Europe’s last World Championship badminton title was mixed doubles in 2009.  Thomas Laybourn has since retired but Kamilla Rytter Juhl is back as one of the strongest contenders to keep a  World Championship title in...

  • electronic-scoreboard-01-copenhagenmasters2011

    Badzine readers reject 3 scoring proposals; BWF to test a 4th

    After a month of voting, Badzine’s most recent poll revealed that 78 percent of readers were against any tampering with the current scoring system in badminton, with little support for any of the three ideas...

  • 20140411-1541-singaporeopen2014-raph8712_rotator

    Badminton scoring system in for another makeover?

    The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced today that it is again considering changes to its scoring system and it has solicited feedback from the Athletes’ Commission. The current system, which had a trial run in...

  • china-wc2014-ms-collage

    How Lin Dan could still play for his 6th world title

    In spite of the confirmation that no wild card would be given this year by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), there is still an option within the grasp of the China Badminton Association for Lin...

  • Christie voted most likely to title as a teen

    Christie voted most likely to title as a teen

    In a recent poll on Badzine, our readers picked 16-year-old Indonesian Jonatan Christie (pictured) as the player most likely to win a major men’s singles title (Grand Prix or above) before leaving his teen years....

  • lin-dan-040-worldchampionships2013

    A second World Champs wild card for Lin Dan?

    During a breakfast hosted by Badminton England to their VIP Members, Peter Gade, invited as a special guest, hinted that there were discussions going on about giving Lin Dan a wild card again for the...

  • kim-lee-8741-wubc2012

    POLL – Is suspension of Kim & Lee fair?

    Korean men’s doubles players Kim Ki Jung and Lee Yong Dae have been suspended by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for one year.   We’d like your opinion on that ruling.  Is it fair, too harsh,...

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