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  • 20151111_1122_chinaopen2015_yves3815_rotator

    POLL – Who will earn double tickets to Rio?

    Four months remain in the Olympic badminton qualifying period and several players stand the chance of qualifying in not one, but two disciplines.  Which shuttlers do you think will end up in possession of such...

  • 20140829_2148_worldchampionships2014-yn9984

    Poll: Getting badminton from point to point

    Plenty of readers have commented recently about some of the things that go on between points in today’s world-class badminton matches.  Some seem to think badminton players’ movements are being policed too strictly.  Others seem...

  • 20140831_1944_worldchampionships2014-yn3613

    Poll – Gold to gold or silver to gold?

    It’s prediction time.  With the 2015 BWF Total World Championships coming up, we want to know how well Badzine readers can predict this year’s winners. Photos: Badmintonphoto Rather than a straight up poll on expected...

  • 20141219-1957-superseriesfinals2014-yves8124_rotator

    POLL – Who will be the next new world #1?

    Last year several of the world’s elite badminton players reached the prestigious #1 spot in the BWF World Rankings for the first time in their careers.  Who will be the first one to achieve that...

  • 20141220-2044-superseriesfinals2014-yves4218_rotator

    Poll – Whose Superseries wait will end in 2015?

    Who will end years of waiting in 2015 by finally reaching the top of the podium in a Superseries tournament?  Give us your pick in our latest Badzine Poll. Photos: Badmintonphoto Although most of the...

  • asian-games-gold-medallists_0

    POLL – Who is most likely to defend their Asian Games gold?

    The 2014 Incheon Asian Games begin in just over a week.  Individual entries have yet to be officially made public but already it seems clear that several of the champions from Guangzhou four years ago...

  • 20130613_2031_indonesiaopen2013__rap0419_rotator

    Badzine polls in hindsight: You’re voting, who’s listening?

    To what extent do the powers that be, and the fates, listen to what Badzine readers vote should, or will happen?  We take a look below at both the influence and the clairvoyance of our...

  • laybourn-rytter-juhl-107-den-cc-worldchampionships2009_rotator

    POLL – Who is most likely to be Europe’s 1st World Champion in 5 years?

    Europe’s last World Championship badminton title was mixed doubles in 2009.  Thomas Laybourn has since retired but Kamilla Rytter Juhl is back as one of the strongest contenders to keep a  World Championship title in...

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