TUC 2010 Semifinals – China’s Contingency

China’s greatest strength may lie in the fact that they are not afraid to admit their vulnerabilities despite their status as defending champions of the Thomas and Uber Cups. By […]


China’s greatest strength may lie in the fact that they are not afraid to admit their vulnerabilities despite their status as defending champions of the .

By Jan Lin, reporting ‘live’ from Kuala Lumpur. Photos: Badmintonphoto (live)

After a seemingly quick victory over Indonesia in the 2010 Uber Cup semi-finals, the Chinese ladies revealed that the victory was not as straightforward as the 3-0 score line shows.

Though world number 1 Wang Yihan delivered the first point for China with a 21-7, 21-12 victory over 21-year-old Maria Febe Kusumastuti, it was apparent to China that Indonesia’s fight has only just begun.

Even as China’s first doubles pair of Ma Jin / Wang Xiaoli is currently the top ranked pair in the women’s doubles discipline, playing Indonesia’s newly assembled pair of Greysia Polii / Meiliana Jauhari for the first time meant that anything is possible.

Ubersemi-WD“The Indonesians gave us quite a bit of problems especially at the start of the match”, admitted Ma Jin after their 21-17, 21-13 victory. “It really went down to finding the confidence to overcome these difficulties and to also focus on playing to our strengths as we did towards the end.”

Wang Xiaoli added: “They are a good pair. We had analysed their match against the Malaysians [in the quarter-finals], however, they adopted a different strategy against us [in the semi-finals] and that made it tough for us until our coach gave us some pointers to cope with their strategy.”

China’s second singles representative, Wang Xin, who dutifully wrapped up the tie for China, later admitted her 21-17, 21-15 victory over Indonesia’s Adriyanti Firdasari was by far the toughest match she has played this week.

Ubersemi-WangXin2Wang Xin said: “I didn’t have a very smooth match, it wasn’t the most ideal and I was struggling in my defense and concentration. Adriyandti is a complete player, and I was aware that she had played a beautiful match against Wong Mew Choo [in the quarter-finals].”

China’s head coach Li Yongbo also gave due credit to Indonesia, which is still the only team that has ever beaten China throughout the history of the Uber Cup, though he is anticipating an even tougher resistance from hosts Malaysia in the upcoming Thomas Cup semi-finals.

In an ever so astute observation, Li Yongbo said: “The way I see it, Malaysia have had a rougher ride to the semi-finals than we did, losing to Japan and then fighting off Denmark. This gruelling process could turn into a blessing in disguise and could be capitalised on to fend us off in the semi-final.”

“I’m very pleased with how well the seasoned players and the first-timers have blended into a team with the Thomas Cup veterans like Lin Dan, Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng have demonstrated a great deal of composure in the way they took to their matches this week,” said Li Yongbo.

“However”, Li continued, “I must say that as much as I hope that Lin Dan will beat Lee Chong Wei to give China a bright start, because both of them are equally outstanding players, I do not discount the possibility that Lin Dan may not win. Our strategy will take into consideration both scenarios.”

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