CHINA OPEN 2010 Final – So Long…

After securing four titles in an almost all-Chinese showdown, the 2010 Li-Ning China Open ends with an explosive finale highlighting the face-off of veterans and new generation players, with Chen […]

After securing four titles in an almost all-Chinese showdown, the 2010 Li-Ning ends with an explosive finale highlighting the face-off of veterans and new generation players, with Chen Long emerging as a surprise winner in the men’s singles.

By Lee Anne Yabut, Badzine Correspondent.  Photos: Badmintonphoto (live)

Chen Long became the crowd favourite as he faced a more experienced Bao Chunlai in a 3-game, 75-minute battle of wit and skill in which he finally defeated the veteran 9-21, 21-14, 21-16. The 21-year-old and 2007 World Junior Champion played with a lot of heart and determination against the 2007 China Open title-holder, who was plagued with repeated errors. Chen capitalized intensely on those errors particularly in the second game where he had 6 consecutive points. With the crowd cheering by his side, the younger player played outstandingly well, appearing hungrier and more aggressive to win the title.

Meanwhile, in true veteran form, Chunlai resorted to drop shots and incredible saves that earned him successive points, also shouting empathically each time the opponent wasn’t able to bring back the shuttle. However, consistent mistakes troubled him throughout the match- his last shot, supposedly a kill, went deep past the end line which gave away the match. This is the first time Chen Long has defeated Bao Chunlai in a finals match after the two met in three finals in the last two years. This is also his first Super Series title after winning second place at the Swiss Open and his second singles title in 2010 after Bitburger Open in September.

Hat trick for Jiang

Jiang Yanjiao wins the Super Series title three times in a row after defeating Wang Shixian in their second finals match-up this year. After a near exchange of points in the beginning, Jiang began to drift farther with 7 consecutive points from 3 to 9 in the first set. The former (10th) Chinese National Game Champion continued to play consistently, preventing Shixian from ever passing her score and winning 21-16.

The second game was tighter for Wang as she gained a 5-point advantage after tying at 3. She further advanced 4 to 5 more points each time Yanjiao caught up with her. However, Yanjiao’s patient skill play allowed her to freeze Shixian at 19, passing her and finally getting the championship point 21-19. This is the fourth time these ladies have played against each other, Wang having only beaten Jiang once, at this year’s Swiss Open.

After Cheng Shu / Zhao Yunlei’s walkover from Ma Jin / Zhong Qianxin in women’s doubles, the finals moved on with an explosive mixed doubles match between Zhang Nan / Zhao Yunlei and Tao Jiaming / Tian Qing.  Tao and Tian played determinedly with Tian Qing dominating the front court. However, it was errors that froze them in the first half of the game, allowing Zhang/Zhao to advance 12-6.  Tao/Tian then caught up slowly after drawing at 15 and continually leading until they had taken the first game 21-18.

Problems on defense allowed Zhang/Zhao to catch up in the second game as both teams were neck-and-neck, neither allowing the other more than a 3-point margin. However, it was Tao who dictated the flow of the game, assertively leading the match, setting up Tao for incredible frontcourt plays. After 4 deadlocks, Tao/Tian finally overtook Zhang/Zhao in the last 6 points and sealed the score 21-17. They were the only unseeded pair to prevail in the championship with Tao Jiaming winning three of the last four Super Series titles in China along with back-to-back wins in China Masters.

Koreans at home in Shanghai

Finally, the match of the evening featured the only non-Chinese duo, Jung Jae Sung / Lee Yong Dae against the young pair of Chai Biao / Zhang Nan. Lee and Jung crushed the Chinese pair with fiery powerplays and tricky net shots, never allowing them to pass their score. Chai/Zhang tried to put on a good fight in the first game, in which they came up short at 15-21 but could barely mount a challenge to the defending champions in the second and eventually succumbed 12-21.

The Koreans are the first non-Chinese players to win the China Open three times in a row. 22-year-old Lee Yong Dae matches Gao Ling’s record of 5 China Open titles, three in men’s doubles and two in mixed with recently retired partner, Lee Hyo Jung.

Full results :

MS:  Chen Long (CHN) beat Bao Chunlai (CHN): 9-21 – 21-14, 21-16
WS: Jiang Yanjiao (CHN) beat Wang Shixian (CHN): 21-16, 21-19
MD:  Jung Jae Sung / Lee Yong Dae (KOR) beat Chai Biao / Zhang Nan (CHN): 21-15, 21-12
WD: Cheng Shu / Zhao Yunlei (CHN) beat Ma Jin / Zhong Qianxin (CHN): Walkover
XD:  Tao Jiaming / Tian Qing (CHN)beat Zhang Nan / Zhao Yunlei (CHN): 21-18, 21-17

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