Badminton enters history with Solibad flashmobs

On June 5th 2011, Badminton and the foundation Solibad – Badminton without Borders entered history by performing the world’s biggest flashmob ever performed, as more than 65 cities participating in […]

On June 5th 2011, Badminton and the foundation – Badminton without Borders entered history by performing the world’s biggest flashmob ever performed, as more than 65 cities participating in the 1st “ Day”, which was celebrated in iconic places all over the world.

The flashmob started out in Australia and New Zealand, and slowly progressed throughout the rest of the world, with incredible images of badminton players of all ages, taking a racket and performing a badminton routine – like a dance, in front of often astonished pedestrians. Some were big flashmobs. Some small ones. Some under a bright sun. Some under pouring rain.

Some epic stories behind this event, which is quite unique in the world:

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Solibad Ambassadors decided to make up for their frustration of not being able to lead the flashmob in their own countries and decided to go for a last minute impressive flashmob in front of a Thai temple, led by Pi Hongyan and followed by some of the world’s top stars, who will be participating in the upcoming Thailand Open.

In Indonesia, Greysia Polii and Vita Marisa were together with former Legend Hariyanto Arbi to perform the flashmob in Jakarta’s Central Park Mall, to the public’s great surprise.  A few hours before, Rexy Mainaky and Koo Kien Keat had done the same outside the famous Bukit Jalil Stadium, home of the Malaysian Open.

But not only great stars joined the event. Passionate coaches and players, in the east coast of Brazil, future home of the Olympics, performed an amazing flashmob by the beach, in Copacabana and other regions.  An Italian player drove back and forth 7 hours from his home town to Milan and back because the rain was too heavy to have it in the Italian capital of style, before ending up making a last minute but colourful Flashmob in his little village.

In less than 24 hours, Russia set up their own flashmob, with all national team players changing shirts for shirts in Solibad colours and performed a joyful flashmob in front of Moscow’s library.

One of the most touching flashmobs was held during the tournament (for handicapped players) in Dortmund, Germany, where Solibad Ambassador David Toupé, together with his friends, launched another unique flashmob – on wheels –  joined by the staff of the tournament, ending in shouts of joy and happiness.

Also, amongst the amazing stories on this first “Solibad Day”, 15 teenagers in France took the lift up to one of the highest points of Europe, and performed a flashmob wearing heavy coats under the snow, at 3842m above sea level, scooping there a record for the world’s highest flashmob.

In spite of the rain, sometimes, of the concurrence of Nadal and Federer battling in the Roland Garros final, a multitude of badminton lovers joined this unique event, all around the world.

No fewer than 65 cities from over 40 countries participated in the event, with all local organizers and participants already calling for more next year, for the second Solibad Day.

“This is a huge success for us. It shows what a big family badminton is. It also shows, that, in these days and ages, it is possible to do something positive, to unite the whole world, with very limited resources. Only with people who are passionate about what they do. We wanted to do this to send out a message that the badminton fraternity is very powerful and active all over the world, and ready to support projects like the ones we have for Solibad, in a joyful manner. I’m just very happy and proud today,” said Solibad founder Raphael Sachetat.

“We will be back for other surprises next year. We’ll make it even bigger,” said the Frenchman.

Images speak more than words.

A special YouTube channel has been dedicated to this amazing event and media representatives can download the images on simple request for editorial needs.

More than 40 flashmobs are already on the channel. More will come soon. Photos are also available on request.

Click here for the video trailer of the event

For more information, visit the Solibad website, the official flashmob Facebook page, or the official page on Solibad.

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