OLYMPIC DUMMY LISTS Mar 15 – Ripple effect on the Ides of March

A few days after the All England has ended and big points were given from this event – the highest graded event outside of BWF events –  Badzine is publishing […]

A few days after the All England has ended and big points were given from this event – the highest graded event outside of BWF events –  Badzine is publishing its brand new Olympic , which feature a ripple effect from the men’s oubles. One of the major changes sees the Taiwanese pair of Fang Chieh Min and Lee Sheng Mu move up into the top 8, which means that the duo of reigning Olympic champions Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan, are now potentially out of the Olympic program, as Indonesia’s second pair behind Ahsan and Septano. The Olympic champions were, of course, already in danger with Alvent Yulianto Chandra and Hendra Aprida Gunawan leading the chase pack just 600 points behind them and ready to take over and make it to the top 8.  Indonesia can only send two pairs if they are in the top 8 in the world as of May 3rd.

This frees up a spot for another pair down near the bottom of the top  and next in line are Chris Adcock and Andrew Ellis who would now make the cut – a good week for Chris Adcock after his victory over Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork in Switzerland.

And since Adcock has already a spot in mixed and doubles, this frees up another spot – this time in men’s singles, as the rule explains that any player qualified in both doubles and mixed would then open up a space for his own gender in the singles event. In this case, Kestutis Navickas from Lithuania which leaves the reserved list to make it to the official dummy list of participants for London 2012. His spot in the reserve list is taken by Brasilian Daniel Paiola as the third reserve.

In the men’s doubles event, another change – this time a swap between two Japanese pairs. Thanks to their good run in Birmingham, Hirokatsu Hashimoto and Noriyasu Hirata are now in front of Sato and Kawamae and make it to the final cut instead.

In the women’s singles, no major change in terms of qualifying spots – no new entry from our March 8th Dummy list, however, Li Xuerui now takes over Saina Nehwal for the 4th spot. This may have no direct impact as China is still only able to send three shutttlers – in which case Saina would remain 4th seed should the rankings stay like this, but this is one more chance for Chinese officials to choose whoever they want to send to London – even Li Xuerui. This might come handy in case one of the other three is not performing well  before the event.

In the women’s doubles, no change either – the first two spots are now out of reach for all others after Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei scooped the 11,000 points from the All England final. These two pairs will definitely have the two seeded spots for the Games.

In the mixed doubles, no new entry either, with all top 14 pairs qualified.  Great Britain’s rivalry between Adcock and Bankier and Robertson and Wallwork has given the home audience a thrilling battle, but the former hung in their position ahead of their training partners, thanks to their stunning performance again versus the World Champions Zhang and Zhao. And the fact that they secured a win over Robertson and Wallwork in Switzerland this week is a step closer for the Anglo-Scottish duo to clinching a qualification spot.


Badzine’s lists are not official. Only the BWF is entitled to give the names of the qualifying shuttlers. We provide it only to give fans, and players themselves, a better view of the players who could potentially qualify for the London . These lists are updated by our trio of experts amongst which a BWF-certificated umpire – and takes into account the BWF’s own qualification rules.

Please find the latest lists at the links below. They have been calculated using the world ranking points published by the BWF from May 1st, 2011 to the present. We hope to continue to provide weekly updates from now until the end of the qualification period.


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