Solibad Day promises surprises around the world

The charity foundation Solibad – Badminton Without Borders, will celebrate badminton and solidarity all over the world on Saturday June 29th. Fans from various countries will create events to raise […]

The foundation – Badminton Without Borders, will celebrate badminton and solidarity all over the world on Saturday June 29th. Fans from various countries will create events to raise awareness and collect funds for ’s field actions to help underprivileged children. From the biggest team match in Denmark involving top stars to a run in Manila, and from an exhibition match in Malaysia to a bike ride in Paris, all kinds of events should see some laughs and smiles for a good cause.

Once again, the crazy community of badminton players will make a stand…and have fun. Solibad called for original events all over the world to promote its actions and local organizers have responded with inspiring ideas.

World’s biggest team match in Denmark

In Denmark, Solibad Ambassador and world-class player Hans-Kristian Vittinghus has put together a fun event in the city of Taastrup with the help of his sponsor and teammates from the Danish national squad. He will lead a giant team to play against his teammate Julie Houmann – ranked in the world’s top 15 in mixed doubles – who is also gathering a set of players for the world’s biggest team match: the Blue against the Red. All the profits generated by the competition will go directly to Solibad.

“Bring your friends and all your teammates, so we can share a fun day of badminton together. It is a perfect way to test your summer-shape along with, and against, Denmark’s badminton stars!” said Vittinghus. The event takes place at 12:00 PM on Saturday the 29th of June in Taastrup Sporthall, Hall A.

Fun run in Manilla, BBQ in Tokyo

Amongst the other big events, Filipinos have once again prepared something big after their huge flashmobs in 2012. Solibad friends will run up the famous Tagaytay Hills to collect money for 3, 5 or 10 kilometers. Various other fun activities are prepared for the event. At the same time, in Tokyo, Shintaro Ikeda together with other national team members will welcome fans to a giant barbecue party in a park. Players of all ages will exchange shuttles with Ikeda, Kazumasa Sakai, Takuto Inoue, Kazushi Yamada and other big stars.

Paris by bike, London on court

In Paris, one of France’s best shuttlers, Maxime Francois – ranked in the top 50 in France – will be starting his amazing adventure as he decided to cycle around France for his own 2500-kilometer Tour de France wearing Solibad colors. During his one-month long journey, he will visit various badminton clubs and June 29th will be the departing date of his journey, with a special celebration as he will be joined by hundreds of badminton fans on their decorated bicycles for a guided tour of Paris and its monuments before a balloon launch in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower. In London, Solibad has been associated with the famous ISBT badminton tournament – the most famous university tournament in Europe, with 3 days of competition involving students from all over the continent. Benefits from this huge tournament – which is also known for its party time and fun gatherings – will be given to Solibad.

Malaysia’s stars in Selangor

In Selangor, in the suburbs of Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, an exhibition evening will take place to collect funds for the association. Former stars such as Yeoh Kay Bin will enjoy themselves and make a memorable show for the spectators.

All around the world

These are just a few examples among many, with over 40 more countries joining this event, each with their own ideas on how to be part of this giant celebration. In Moscow, the Red Square is open for play. In Oceania, flashmobs will once again make people dream in amazing landscapes. Utrecht in the Netherlands is preparing surprises with shuttlers ready to take over the railway station. French national champion Delphine Lansac will play in an exhibition match and participate in an open day to play badminton with kids in the suburbs of Lyon to raise funds. Canada and its great ambassador Phyllis Chan are preparing events for the upcoming Canada Open, including exhibition matches and fund-raising activities. Singapore’s Badminton Carnival will take place for a couple of hours to raise funds with some of the local stars. Some other events will take place in Madagascar, Cotonou, Moldova, Romania, Mexico, Brazil and many other places around the world for what has become a traditional day of solidarity in the badminton world.

A list of all the cities involved is available at the Solibad website here.

You too can participate!

Any badminton fan or friend of Solibad can also participate. If you would like to be part of the celebration, you can either:

– Take a shuttlecock, colour the feathers (see photo), and go and take a picture of the shuttle in front of an iconic place (monument, landscape), near your place and send it to us on June 29th (

– Find a couple of friends, wear Solibad colours on your shirts, and go and play in original, iconic places (in front of a monument, near something specific to your city, in a mall, in a train station, etc. The funnier, the better, and Record yourself in a video !). You can then send us the video (via at:

All the money raised during these events will be sent directly to the projects as Solibad takes pride in always donating 100% of the money collected during events.

Solibad’s latest project is a long-term partnership with Rowan (Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network) – a local foundation in Uganda, which takes care of a community of children and their mothers living with HIV/AIDS. The money collected on June 29th will be going to help fund a year of school for 15 children. Solibad has already donated US$4,500 for a first group of 15 children (US$300 per child to support a year for school equipment, transportation, etc.) as well as other Solibad projects in Brazil and Malaysia.

More information can be found at

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