C’WEALTH GAMES Bronze Final – India and England double bronze

India took two bronze medals home as both Gurusaidutt and Sindhu put the morning’s disappointment behind them. England had two out of three as Adcock / Smith and Langridge / […]

India took two bronze medals home as both Gurusaidutt and Sindhu put the morning’s disappointment behind them. England had two out of three as Adcock / Smith and Langridge / Mills came through some tough matches as well as Blair and Bankier making sure Scotland got a second medal at home.

By Michael Burke, Badzine Correspondent, live from Glasgow.  Photos: Yohan Nonotte for Badmintonphoto (live).

Robert Blair and Imogen Bankier (pictured left) made sure they didn’t come home empty handed as they provided a clinical performance against Chan Peng Soon and Lai Pei Jing. A very loose game from the Malaysians followed a tight first one, as they didn’t really come to the party.

“In the build up to this tournament we’ve had amazing highs and terrible lows. We were really up against it after being so disappointed this morning. To pick ourselves up and come back was really good,” said Imogen.

“Incredible, it’s certainly different. This is by far the most satisfying achievement of my career. I just had to try to pretend it didn’t happen [the semi] and in the end it was just a relief to get back on court and play, and better this time to come away with something.”

The pattern of a tight first game and then a very loose second continued as Tee Jing Yi, like her compatriots, looked beaten before she really started. Appearing to struggle with a knee injury, Tee could not take her game points against Sindhu who held out to take the first 23-21.

Sindhu simply made fewer errors than her opponent who finished the match in tears.

“I think it was very disappointing in the morning, though it was a very good game. I’m satisfied with a bronze, but it’s definitely not the one I wanted. My coach said you have ups and downs in life and that you have to put it aside. I couldn’t lose the bronze also, it’s very important for me,” said Sindhu.

India had further success as R.V. Gurusaidutt (pictured right) beat England’s Rajiv Ouseph in three.

“I was number three for India, I was given a chance after good performances in the Thomas cup, it was a great time to showcase myself,” said Gurusaidutt.

“To finish off with a medal, I’m happy, but after beating a top seed I’m disappointed I couldn’t bring that performance forward this morning.”

Ouseph, silver medallist in Delhi, was distraught after his 83 minute match and coach Høi spoke in his place.

“We’re battling with disappointment and anger here. Raj has come so close in these matches and not quite pulled through, he’s only human. He’s really stepped up over the last year, it’s not fair that he doesn’t reap the reward of that,” said Høi.

“He played brilliantly in the second game, like he had a fresh pair of legs. He took the initiative well. He had a good lead too in the third, whether it was a mental block or fatigue I can’t say but again he came back, just left it a little late,” the Dane added.

England was guaranteed success in the next match as Adcock / Ellis took on Langridge / Mills, with the latter besting their teammates for the first time in three encounters.

Last on, Adcock and Smith (pictured left) played the joint longest match of the day as Lai Pei Jing played her fourth match of the day with Lim Loo Yin.

“I’ll be glad when this is over. So happy we got that medal. Played so well this tournament and we really wanted something to show for it,” said Gabby.

“We really had to grind it out. Thought it would be a bit slow because Lai would be tired, but Lim hurt her knee or something too,” added Smith.

“I have so much respect for her [Lai] I could see how much she wanted that game, it can be a very cruel game,” Gabby continued.

For her part, Lai said, “I played four matches but my partner cramped, maybe because she covered more for me, I don’t know, but yesterday she was already tired.”

“The game changed for us in the second when the service judge kept faulting my partner, it was very difficult. Then they wouldn’t let us change the shuttle but when the English wanted to it was okay.”

The full results for the day can be found here.

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