New tool for badminton media, new award for events

Media from all over the world will probably welcome a new tool unveiled today, with the launch of the website of the Badminton commission of AIPS (International Sports Press Association), […]

from all over the world will probably welcome a new tool unveiled today, with the launch of the website of the Badminton commission of AIPS (International Sports Press Association), the world’s biggest press institution. With this website and platform, comes the opportunity for all (TV, Written Press and photographers) to voice their concerns, congratulate tournament organizers about facilities in key badminton events. An award will be given to reward the best one in 2015.

The newly-constituted Badminton Commission of AIPS is looking forward to making a difference in the sport after today launching its new website and planning a new award for the best tournament media facilities.

The site offers members of the media, especially AIPS badminton members, the opportunity of interaction on vital issues in the sport but particularly feedback on the quality of media facilities at the tournaments they attend.The 2014 Badminton Commission, which was ratified by AIPS at the start of the year, met at the World Championships in Copenhagen in August and came up with a plan of action to improve the sport from a media perspective.

The Commission members (photo), chairman William Kings (GB), treasurer Soren-Mikael Hansen (Den), secretary Raphael Sachetat (Fra) and award-winning writer Rajes Paul (Malaysia) were all agreed that a website was vital in gaining feedback on events and that a media award would encourage tournament organisers to raise the bar.

The website will enable us to communicate directly with colleagues in the badminton media,” said Kings. “We are particularly eager to see the content of the media guidelines document, which was produced by the Commission and adopted by the BWF, is adhered to by tournaments around the world.

“We are looking for consistency in facilities, services, photo positions, all the components that go into making a good media centre. Some tournaments already do a good job, but some don’t and that’s where consistency counts for so much.

To try and raise the bar, starting in 2015 the Commission intends to introduce a scoring system for tournaments with our badminton media colleagues giving feedback and scores on how well a tournament performs or where it falls short. We will enlist a team of consultants for this task to ensure a level of consistency in the evaluations.

At the same time the information gathered will be fed back to the BWF so that is helps them form a clear picture of the issues that need addressing.

“But rest assured, when issues do arise the tournament organisers will be given the opportunity to address the issues in the hope that problems can be resolved on the spot without any need to involve the on-site BWF representatives.

The best tournament for media facilities will win the AIPS Badminton Commission’s media award and we plan to make this award an annual feature.

At last I feel we have a Commission composed of people who are committed to helping the sport and in doing that it can only help as raise awareness of the work of AIPS as well as increase the badminton membership within the world’s leading body for sporting media.”

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