OLYMPIC DUMMY LISTS Apr 5th – More Pan Am shuffling

Michelle Li (photo) and Alex Bruce‘s success in Finland will once again change the “who’s who” in this week’s Badzine Olympic Dummy list. This victory – in the presence of […]

Michelle Li (photo) and Alex Bruce‘s success in Finland will once again change the “who’s who” in this week’s Badzine Olympic . This victory – in the presence of the three pairs from the Pan American continent chasing the only qualifying spot – gives them the edge over USA’s Obanana and Lee, who had been in the qualifying seat last week,  by over 1000 points in the world . Nicole Grether and Charmaine Reid as well as Iris and Rena Wang have now very little time to make it up before the May 3rd deadline. The crucial tournament might be in Peru next week (see HERE the list of participants) where all four pairs are set for a semi-final clash once again as they are the four top seeds for this International Challenge tournament, which will again yield 4000 points to the victor.

As explained earlier in our calculation, the fact that Michelle Li is back in the women’s doubles dummy list has a direct impact in the women’s singles list as well, because the Canadian frees up one “bed” or spot amongst the 172 allowed by the IOC, which means that there is one extra spot available in the women’s singles – this time taken again by Maja Tvdry, who is playing yoyo in and out of the list since a few weeks. The Slovenian is now back in the program and will surely watch what is going on in Lima next week, or hope that she can benefit from the tripartite spots otherwise. She might be endangered by Lithuania’s Akvile Stapusaityte (photo), who is faring well in the French International in Orleans this week.

Also, in the women’s doubles, three pairs are very close to the cut as Wong Pei Tty and Chin Ee Hui are only points away from their compatriots Hoo and Woon but their good run in Sydney should definitely see the former world #1’s back in the list. India’s Ponnappa and Gutta are pretty safe because Malaysia can only have one pair unless they are both in the top 8.  Korea and Indonesia are the closest to joining China and Japan in sending two but neither have a realistic chance with only one Super Series remaining along with a continental championship with a full-strength China contingent at home.

No major change this week elsewhere in other lists – this may change with this week-ends ending in three tournaments in Australia, Osaka and Orléans.

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The Dummy Lists for April 5th 2012
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