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  • Para-Badminton mourns Jim Mackay

    Para-Badminton mourns Jim Mackay

    Jim Mackay, one of the founding members of International Badminton Association for the Disabled (IBAD), passed away yesterday. The international badminton family knew Jim Mackay, who’d very often come to the best badminton events with his...

  • Korean man dies after being hit with badminton racquet

    Korean man dies after being hit with badminton racquet

    A 54-year-old man in Cheongju, Korea was pronounced brain dead after an altercation in which he was struck in the head with a badminton racquet.  According to a report by Korean wire agency Newsis, the...

  • 20141218-1703-superseriesfinals2014-yves9314

    Badminton mourns the loss of top badminton umpire

    This is some very sad news to report as Indonesia’s Unang Sukardja passed away from a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) today.  It is a great loss for the world of badminton as Sukadja was a famous...

  • Father of Strasbourg Masters passes away

    Father of Strasbourg Masters passes away

    Etienne Siat, the man behind the unique “Strasbourg Masters” died of a heart attack on Tuesday. Etienne was passionate about badminton and had been one of the key figures of the French Badminton League of...

  • Sad news for French Badminton

    Sad news for French Badminton

    Alain Lemoine, the Financial and Administrative Director of the French Badminton Federation passed away this week. He had been behind the success of the 2010 World Championships in Paris and played a major role in...

  • Legendary badminton photographer dies

    Legendary badminton photographer dies

    Danish sports photographer Preben Soborg passed away on Sunday in Denmark at the age of 70 after a long illness. Preben was one of the best badminton photographers.  He was the then IBF official photographer...

  • Bruno Monteverde dies in Lima

    Bruno Monteverde dies in Lima

    A month after Karyn Velez, badminton mourns another of its children. Bruno Monteverde – one of Peru’s top badminton players and a friend of Karyn Velez – died yesterday in his hometown of Lima. The...

  • karyn-velez-01-usa-yl-canadaopen2011

    Karyn Velez dies in car accident

    On the day of the finals of the BWF World Championships, some very sad news came to fans of badminton from the USA and the Philippines. One of their most promising players, Karyn Velez, known...

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